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Two years ago, Leon turned down Kip for a night of fun. It was a blow to Kip’s ego, as he doesn’t get turned down, and he had his eyes on Leon since he saw him at his tattoo shop, which is next to Kip’s job at Flare. Kip still sees Leon often and he is so irritated by the brush off and the fact that he can’t stop wanting the man. Now, Leon is staying in the apartment above Flare and he is everywhere Kip looks. But the thing that messes with Kip the most is that Leon isn’t who Kip thought he was and Leon is nice to him and is definitely giving off vibes that he does want Kip.

Leon was tired of the revolving door of men in his life. He wants something lasting and real and he knows that Kip doesn’t want that so he has tried to stay out of Kip’s way. But now, Leon can’t help but give in to his desire to spend time with Kip. He desperately wants the man, but he knows he wants him for one than just one night and Kip isn’t interested in that. But, as Kip thaws to Leon, the idea of the two of them together is all he can think about. But there are reasons Kip doesn’t think he’d be good in a relationship and Leon thinks that what he wants for his future is too simple for Kip. The chemistry between the men is raging and they will fit together perfectly if they can let the other in and allow themselves to be happy.

Sass is the third book in the Style series and I found it best to be read in order. Kip is a recurring character from the series as he works for Rhys, from Flare, and the store is the setting again for this book. Kip was seen in the past as being passionate about his job and this title is appropriate as Kip is definitely full of sass.

We get Kip and Leon’s backstories at a measured pace as we see what they are both dealing with in their personal lives—different issues that have changed their lives and have had far reaching effects on their futures. We find out why Leon turned Kip down and what he really wants from Kip—which is everything.

It was great fun watching Kip thaw to Leon and give Kip everything he never knew he wanted. Kip is struggling with accepting the job as manager of the store—even though he’s been doing the job—as he puts so much pressure on himself to not let anyone down. Leon is tender and sweet and supportive of Kip and the chemistry between the men is everything and Kip falls hard for Leon, even though he resists it almost every step of the way.

There is a somber tone to parts of the book as both Kip and Leon deal with personal family issues and Leon and Kip become each other’s greatest support. With cameos from all of the men in the series and a set up for Drew’s story next, Sass is a great addition to this series set at the edges of high fashion.

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