Today I am so pleased to welcome an amazing group of authors who have come to share the exclusive cover for the upcoming Only One Bed anthology. Please join me in giving them all a big welcome!


We all have our favorite tropes: friends to lovers, brother’s best friend, rags to riches, you name it. But surely one of the most exciting ones has to be “there’s only one bed!”

The possibilities are endless. From getting snowed in together to two friends having to share a bed because of a mixed-up reservation or maybe two rivals forced to work together…and share a bed. So many options and opportunities for that spark between them to grow into a flame.

That’s why we picked this theme for an exciting new anthology that will release on June 13, 2023. More than twenty authors, including some of the most popular names in MM romance, have teamed up to bring you stories that center around the only one bed theme. The title, obviously, is Only One Bed, and we’re stoked to reveal this upcoming anthology to you…along with the beautiful cover.

Look at this pretty, isn’t he gorgeous? Don’t you just want to drown in those eyes? He looks like he needs someone to hold him and cuddle him…in that one bed. The cover was created by the talented Cate Ashwood, using an image from photographer Wander Aguiar.

The preorder for the Only One Bed anthology is now live on both Amazon and Apple Books! Also, be sure to like our Facebook page so we can keep you posted on all the updates!

Here’s a list of the participating authors: Annabeth Albert, May Archer, Daryl Banner, Macy Blake, Mary Calmes, Charlie Cochet, Jocelynn Drake, Eden Finley, Riley Hart, Adriana Herrera, Onley James, Saxon James, E.M. Lindsey, Lily Morton, K.M. Neuhold, Nora Phoenix, Layla Reyne, Piper Scott, Hailey Turner, Lynn Van Dorn, Silvia Violet, N.R. Walker, Neve Wilder, and Alice Winters!

We’re also hoping to hit the USA Today Bestseller list with this anthology, so once the preorder is live, let’s spread the word! It will be available for only 99¢, an absolute steal for stories from these wonderful authors.


only one bed cover

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