Today I am so pleased to welcome Darragha Foster to Joyfully Jay. Darragha has come to talk to us about her latest release, His Lover. His God. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Burly, hairy, swarthy with black eyes that could penetrate a liar and hands that gently tended the lowliest of foot soldier after injury, Hadrian, Spaniard and Emperor of Rome, slid an oil-soaked index finger to and fro into the bum of his lover. His life. The only person on Earth who truly mattered to him in the most intimate of ways. He stretched the sphincter in anticipation of hard intercourse.

Antinous moaned and stroked his own cock. “Please, beloved…please put yourself to me. Tease me not.”

Hadrian laughed and aimed his hardness home. The first thrust—always a difficult one, breeched Antinous’ anus, sending Antinous’ head against the headboard and shaking the foundational tent spikes. The red heavy tent fabric shuddered as Hadrian pounded his lover’s ass. Without decorum—or even caring who heard his cry—he uttered low and guttural upon orgasm. He spun Antinous around and greedily sucked his penis until his cock head brimmed and flowed.

Hadrian was large. Broad of shoulder and tall. His body, covered with curly black hair, gave him the overall look of a large animal as it was thick and impressive. He preferred a simple subligaria and sandals to robes of state. He was a Caesar for the common man, unafraid to get his hands dirty. Unafraid to be first into battle be it in the field or on the senate floor. In truth, he hated orating and avoided the senate. The senators would tame or mold him into something he was not. He was unyielding. He had been appointed by another rebel—Trajan. Where that Caesar pushed the boundaries of Rome, Hadrian sought only to preserve that which the emperors before him had conquered.


his lover his god coverTo paraphrase Poe: They loved with a love that was more than love. Hadrian, Emperor of Rome, loved Antinous in life, and after his lover’s death, worshipped him as his god. This is a romantic, fictionalized account of one of history’s greatest love stories. Antinous refuses reincarnation until he can be fully reunited with Hadrian. Almost two thousand years pass before he returns to modern Egypt to profess his undying love to Hadrian’s restored soul. Can Antinous, a god, on the 1892nd anniversary of his passing and ascent, convince an ex-pat tour guide that they belong together…again?


darragha foster bio photoDarragha Foster enjoys the twisted and unusual. She finds inspiration all around her. Even in the cold case at the grocer. Where she is no longer welcome. But that’s another story…

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To celebrate the release of His Lover His God, Darragha is giving you a chance to win an e-copy of the release! Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway Now!

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