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Length: Novel


Alistair has always loved the Alice in Wonderland books. Maybe it is because his mother told him they were descended from Alice Liddel, the original inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s books, or maybe because of the ridiculous and whimsical world where anything could — and often did — happen. Whatever the case, fantasy and fantastical stories have always held a special place in Alistair’s heart, and when a man as handsome as Prince Charming introduces himself to Alistair while he’s at the most boring fundraiser in history, he’s quick to follow the white-haired, pink-eyed man wherever he cares to lead.

Bianco isn’t a Prince at all, but is instead the magical White Rabbit from Alistair’s favorite book. He sweeps Alistair off his feet and down a hallway where, hung at the end, is a magic mirror that will whisk the pair of them to Wonderland. With a mixture of aplomb and bemusement (his mind muddled from his first ever blowjob, courtesy of Bianco), Alistair follows.

This is the first book in the Wonderland Ever After series and it’s cute. Alistair, having read the source material, shows no shock or surprise when he meets a tall man with butterfly wings, a scarlet-haired king sprawled on the throne, or an orange and purple cat that turns into a man. It is, after all, only to be expected that these people would be here to greet him; his one and only issue with them is that they’re all taller than he is, and so much handsomer. Alistair has a solution for one of those, though, as a piece of the “Eat Me” cake lets him grow a few inches, and he’d delighted when it makes his cock grow not only longer, but thicker as well, something Bianco is also pleased with when Alistair shows it off.

Bianco is a rabbit shifter, one of the few characters in Wonderland that still possess any magic, thanks to having spent time with the original Alice. He’s calm, compassionate, and reasonable, and nothing like his book counterpart. That’s because, as Bianco points out, he’s real. The stories Alice took back to the real world were shifted and warped to charm children.

While this is a pleasant story, it does somewhat feel more like an extended prologue to another book, as much of the plot and character interactions are more focused on the side characters of the King of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat who are in love, but cannot be together, or the Caterpillar (who, and I love this, is the Cheshire Cat’s brother) and his unrequited love for the Mad Hatter. The March Hair is promised a fated mate and there’s a prophecy around the King of Hearts and the Prince of Mirrorland. Alistair and Bianco mostly seem to have one task between meeting all the other characters, and that’s to make eyes at one another before falling into bed

This is a quick, light, and easy read, but I do rather wish that there had been a little more weight to the plot or a little more to Alistairs’ adventures than just introductions to other characters. However, that said, I will still be looking forward to the next book in the series to see what happens with the Cheshire Cat!