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Gage was left at the altar because his bride-to-be thought he was boring. Safe. Dull. So rather than marry him, she decided to simply not show up for the wedding, knowing and not caring that her family, her friends, and Gage would be left upset and embarrassed. Knowing that all of that money (all of Gage’s money for the food, drinks, deposits, and decor) would be wasted. However, as awful as it was, ruining Gage’s life was the kindest thing she could have done to him.

In hindsight, Gage yelling at his boss, Caleb Archer, and getting physical with Max, his ex-fiance’s brother, who blamed him for the debacle, wasn’t the best idea. Especially since, after Gage climbs out of the bottle a month later (his honeymoon month), he still has to go to work and face them. At least they have something to talk about …

A new case involving one of Caleb’s frat brothers leads to a bonding moment between the three men as the truth of Gage’s life is revealed: his time in foster care, the good and the bad, and the fact that his fiance was cheating on him for months before the wedding. When Caleb laughs at Gage for having been celibate for six months, something in Gage snaps. Maybe it’s the whiskey, maybe it’s the company … but Gage dares Caleb to do something about it. Caleb does. And then, so does Max.

The author makes it clear, in the foreword, that the legal system is just window dressing in this book and, as such, details, practicalities, and actualities are to be waved aside in favor of just enjoying the relationship between Caleb, Max, and Gage. Personally, I appreciate knowing that I’m in for a fantasy version of the real world and don’t have to pay any attention to reality, because this book doesn’t present a real world. However, that leaves all of the weight of expectation on the characters.

Growing up in foster care, Gage suffered abuse and neglect before finding his forever home with parents who, three years later, died in an accident. He was left with enough money to be comfortable, which means he can work a job he loves — as a legal researcher for a law firm — without having to stress. As for his personality, Gage feels very much like a blank page, a perfect I Guy for a reader to put themselves into. He’s friendly, caring, very interested in sex, and presents very few opinions on anything. To prove he’s not boring, Gage takes his two lovers to an escape room. They go sky diving, he goes on a cruise with his sister … but these feel like just mentions on a page. I have no idea how Gage handles these situations. Is he clever? Playful? Is he brave or afraid, does he worry or get angry? Personally, Gage was just a little too on the easy going, every guy side for me to get a handle on him.

And then there’s Caleb and Max. Caleb is a lawyer from a rich family. Max is Gage’s fiance’s brother. And they both really love Gage. They praise him, pet him, worship him, and seem to exist only to fuck Gage. Separately, they have no real personalities. What they have are dicks, and they use them often and well, but they might as well be Ken dolls for Gage to play with for all of the characterization they show. What Caleb thinks of Max, what Max thinks of Caleb, what they talk about when Gage isn’t there is a complete unknown. When Gage goes on his cruise with his sister, the two men mention that they’re waiting for him to come back to them. When he does, they say they’re happy he’s back and then fuck him. This book has a decent amount of sex and, while I didn’t care for Gage, he’s not a bad character. Just a slightly thin one. But the two men he’s in love with feel like they exist only for Gage’s sexual pleasure. They don’t feel like their own people, and the lack of personality made it very hard for me to get a handle on this book.

In the end, I thought the story was disappointing. It didn’t work for me as a romance; personally, I need to believe people are involved. I want to see any sign of chemistry or conflict, I want more than just sex. But that’s just me. If you’re up for a fun threesome romping around, you could consider this. The writing is fine, the pace is good, and the steam level is pretty high. But this book just didn’t deliver, for me.

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