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Beck is elated to be playing professional football and thrilled to be invited to Jason’s house. He’s been crushing hard on Jason for a while and he’s also in awe of how smooth Jason is in front of the press. The night turns red hot and Beck wants to be all in, but he doesn’t show up for their next date. Jason has no chill and immediately blocks Beck’s number.

Now, Beck is being traded to the crosstown rival team and Jason knows he will have to see the man he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about and who blew him off. But Beck has more story than Jason thought and the men have a lot to offer each other besides a hot night in bed. But the men are still rivals and Beck’s anxiety might get the best if him if he has to keep hiding his relationship with Jason. The men love their jobs and they love football, but they are also each falling in love with the man who is supposed to be their rival.

The Winner Takes All series from Lauren Blakely started with the free novella, The Boyfriend Kickoff. That novella was also included in the front of the copy of The Boyfriend Comeback that I was given and sets up the story of Jason and Beck and then how Beck blew Jason off for their second date. I’ll say that the way the communication went after Beck didn’t show up for their date was challenging, but it does set the tone for the start of their relationship. The full story comes out when Jason gives Beck a chance to explain and then there are fewer communication issues.

Jason has been an NFL quarterback for a few years and is confidently out. Beck is newer to being a starter and, when he gets traded to Jason’s rival team, Beck is truly in the spotlight for the first time. Beck doesn’t hide that he is bisexual, but he hasn’t made it known to his team or the NFL yet. He also hasn’t had a relationship with a man yet and he’s eager to start one with Jason. The team rivalry is the issue here in that it is impossible for two rival quarterbacks to be in a relationship together and Beck and Jason spend the season hiding in plain sight while growing dangerously closer.

Blakely always shows the heat between the MCs and the chemistry between Beck and Jason is a highlight of the book. They are also both more tender and they are fair and even and supportive of everyone, which is a good thing, but their personalities at times felt at odds with their stated football personas and that drive to win and be the best in an intense sport didn’t come through as much.

I have now read many of Blakley’s novels and this is my feeling overall. She has a lot of books—many, many books that come out one after the other and I can’t possibly remember all of the details of the ones I have read. All of her books have mentions or cameos of other MCs, some from books I have read and others from books I have not. There are also always secondary characters that are being set up for their own books, and mostly, the sports books often have the same feel from one to the next. However, I do like the characters, I like the heat level and the chemistry in the books, and I like the sweeping HEAs the MCs always get and all of that is what keeps me coming back for more.

This book is the first in a series of “forbidden” romances where there is an initial reason the MCs shouldn’t be together. Some of the upcoming MCs were introduced here and I am once again intrigued in these stories of high-profile men who bring the heat and all the feels.

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