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For Quirin, a holiday blogger who loves romantic comedies and cheesy Christmas movies, it is almost too perfect; for Kaimana, a newly retired billionaire on vacation from his family, it is just one more annoyance: The Rainbow Inn, a historic and gay friendly hotel, only has one bed! Fortunately, Quirin and Kaimana get along perfectly. Kai shares Quirin’s sense of humor, and Quirin shares Kai’s good nature and enthusiasm. The only thing Quirin can see that might be a problem is that — well, if all the rainbow clothing didn’t give it away — he is gay.

I’m gay, too. Kaimana has said the words maybe less than half a dozen times in all his life, and the last time he said them was to his parents, who flatly and coldly disdained them. Saying them to a stranger — especially to Quirin — is easier, especially with the warm, understanding gentleness that he responds with. The men go from being strangers to friends in an instant. From there, falling in love isn’t even a choice.

This is a charming little Christmas story, part of the Snowed Inn multi-author collection, and full of snow, sex, and sass. Both Quirin and Kai are optimists, both of them knowing that today, no matter how dark and difficult it’s been, is just one step on the road to tomorrow. Quirin has always led with his heart, always gone for what he wanted with both hands … which, sure, has had some ex boyfriends calling him needy or too much, but it’s the only way he knows to be. Fortunately, Kai loves Quirin’s unbridled enthusiasm.

In his life, Kai has had too much of restraint, of having to be the good son. His Samoan father expected his son, especially his first born, to be a model son and man. And, for a time, Kai was. But thirty has come and gone and Kai isn’t interested in pretending, anymore. He isn’t interested in marrying and providing another generation of obedient children. What he is interested in is being himself, for once. Finding out what he wants and who he wants to be. What he wants is to be at Quirin’s side, and who he wants to be is the happy, laughing, free person he is when he’s with Quirin.

This is a fluffy little romcom, complete with snowmen, hot chocolate, and copious amounts of cuddling. If you’re in the mood for lots of sugar, with no real angst and the perfect Hallmark happy ending, then this book might be right up your alley. I enjoyed it, and I hope you do, too.

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