Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella


Hailey is enjoying college life. She’s young, energetic, outgoing, and ready to take on life. Hailey’s not especially a fan of winter, but she loves the snow and it’s pure magic when she sees a unicorn playing in the park. Wait…a unicorn?

Lizzie wanted to embrace the snow as well and she didn’t want to be cautious, so she shifted so she could play in the snow in the park. Except…she got stuck. And to make it all more embarrassing, Lizzie was rescued by the most beautiful girl she had ever seen.

When Lizzie sees Hailey in the local coffee shop, that magical pull between them is still there. But Hailey doesn’t know that Lizzie is the unicorn she rescued and Lizzie doesn’t know how to let a human into her world.

The Taste of Winter is a shorter book where the main characters, Lizzie and Hailey, are young, sweet, and flirty. Well, Hailey is the flirty one and Lizzie has no idea how to flirt back. The story is a magical wintery tale of two girls finding the one that fits them not just for now, but for all time.

Hailey is enchanted to find a unicorn in the park and she accepts easily that unicorns are real. Hailey is all in when she meets Lizzie and when she starts to think that Lizzie is the unicorn, she’s so gone for the girl. Their story moves along easily as Hailey is so excited to spend time with Lizzie and can’t wait for their dates. There isn’t too much backstory on Lizzie being a unicorn. She lives with her aunt and we learn about her parents. There is a brief reference to the shifter and magical council, but other than that, there are no other shifters present and there is no world building. The girls are in college, but they read young and the book has a YA feel as they fall in forever love quickly.

This book was perfect for me to read in between two much darker books and would be a great choice for a sweet, snowy story of two girls finding magic in the park.

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