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Dylan Mitchell and Gabe Foster are engaged to be married, but after seven years, they don’t seem to be any closer to an actual wedding. The couple have gone through a host of wedding planners, and Gabe has vetoed every one they have met. While Dylan can admit that most of them are awful, he still can’t help but worry that it seems like Gabe is putting up roadblocks. Not that Dylan doubts that Gabe loves him, he just isn’t sure is Gabe really wants to get married. The fact that Gabe is exhausted and seems to be keeping something from Dylan isn’t helping matters.

There is no one in the world Gabe loves as much as Dylan, no one else he will bear his soul to, and no one he trusts more. Gabe does want to marry Dylan and he isn’t sure why he is letting the logistics get in the way. Now, the men need to open up to each other about what they really want for their wedding so they can take that next step into their future together.

Vow Maker is the fourth book in Lily Morton’s amazing Mixed Messages series and a sequel to Rule Breaker, where Dylan and Gabe first meet and fall in love. It is probably obvious, but you are going to definitely want to be familiar with Rule Breaker to enjoy this one, and reading the other books in the series wouldn’t hurt either, as those characters make appearances here as well. Rule Breaker was my first Lily Morton book and it started me on a journey of adoration and pretty much obsession with this author, and Gabe and Dylan have always had a soft spot in my heart. So I was thrilled when I saw that Morton was writing a wedding story for the two of them, and I absolutely loved it.

One of the hallmarks of this couple is the combination of playful banter with true love and affection. It took them a while to get here, but now that these men have found one another, they are such a perfect fit. Whereas the Gabe of the first book was constantly guarding his heart and afraid to let anyone truly know him, he is now open and loving and not afraid to admit that Dylan is the best thing that ever happened to him and that he changed his life for the better. Gabe still has some demons from his past, and we see him here struggling with some of them, but he has grown so much through his relationship with Dylan and this story has all the romantic and mushy goodness you could want. The story made me laugh, particularly as they recount the absurdity of some of the wedding planners, but it is also so sweepingly gorgeous and romantic. These guys need to sort out what they really want for their wedding, and not be afraid to be honest with one another about it, but I loved that they are a team throughout this process. Getting the details sorted may be one thing, but there is no doubt they are it for each other and both men are clear they want nothing more than to be together.

This book is total fan service for readers who love this couple and I was all here for it. It is fun and entertaining, but also mushy and sweet and just a perfect way to send Gabe and Dylan off to their future as husbands together.

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