new coming this weekHi all! I hope you had a great week!

We are right in the thick of our end of year celebrations. Last week, we shared our updated list of Favorite Holiday Books, as well as Best of 2022 lists from Jay, Kris, Camille, and Elizabeth. This week we will continue with our Best Covers of 2022, plus a roundup of all our favorites.

Today marks the start of Chanukah, so we are kicking off our holiday celebrations here at my house. Whatever holiday you celebrate (on none at all), I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

This week we will be taking things a little slower than usual, as things get busy for our team over the holidays. Here is what we have planned:

  • Best Covers of 2022
  • Review: Transfiguration by Lissa Kasey (Jay)
  • Review: Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, Volume 4 by Mo Xiang Ton Xiu (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Fangsiving by Robert Winter

  • Best of 2022 Roundup!
  • Review: Heartbreak Boys by Simon James Green (Veronica)
  • Guest Post: Oh Buoy by Ava Olsen
  • Review: The Blacksmith’s Apprentice by Bey Deckard (Michelle)

  • Audiobook Review: Hound of the Burgervilles by E.J. Russell (Jay)
  • Review: Dragon’s Flight by Nora Phoenix (Kris)
  • Guest Post: Measuring Up by Dani Hermit and Curtis Star

  • Review: The Bodyguard’s Familiar by T.J. Nichols (Jay)
  • Guest Post: Just Say When by Aimee Nicole Walker
  • Review: Oh Buoy by Ava Olsen (Elizabeth)


  • Review: Kiss Her Once for Me by Allison Cochrun (Jay)
  • Review: Christmas Spirit by Annabelle Jacobs (Veronica)
  • Review: Kepler-186F by Rachel Ford (Elizabeth)

And that should do it for this week! Enjoy!

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