Today I am so pleased to welcome Ava Olsen to Joyfully Jay. Ava has come to talk to us about her latest release, Oh Buoy. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Grabbing my suitcase, I walked along the plank that attached to the lower deck and spotted a few of the crew on board, wiping down the enormous volume of windows and railings. One man on the bridge deck caught my undivided attention. Unlike the rest of the staff who were dressed in smart navy shorts and white logoed T-shirts, this man was wearing ripped cargo shorts, no shirt, mirrored aviators, and a baseball hat. His body was fit and tanned, his dark blond hair a messy tumble around his ears. I was so busy staring at the Adonis on board that I failed to notice the hose in the man’s hand and the fact that it was aimed my way until it was too goddamn late. Icy cold water drenched my travel-weary body.

“Shit, that’s freezing! Watch what the hell you’re doing!” I yelled up at Blondie as I stood there on the deck, soaking wet, a small puddle forming under my feet.

“Are you speaking to me?” Blondie asked in a posh British accent as he placed the hose down and wandered closer.

“No, I’m talking to the seagull hovering nearby. Yes, I’m talking to you! Pay attention to where you’re aiming that thing! Look at me!”

“Best to keep out of the way when we scrub her down,” Blondie snapped back with a smirk as I vibrated with anger, shaking the water off. Fuck, even my leather loafers were soaked.

“Is Captain Bernard available? I’m your new chief steward, Andrew Slater,” I bit out.

Blondie walked closer to the railing, and his face came into view. Or most of it. With the sunglasses and hat, all I could see was a pair of wicked dimples that framed full lips and perfect white teeth. The man’s grin was confident, cocky even.

Oh boy.


Oh buoy coverVoyagers, Book 1

Andrew: I’ve traveled the world as a yacht steward for the past year, trying to outrun a broken heart and a mountain of debt. Then a gig as a chief stew on board a yacht in the Caribbean comes my way. The timing is right, the weather is perfect, and the pay is desperately needed.

There’s just one problem…

My billionaire boss, Rowan Carter, is way too distracting. With his charming British accent and sarcastic quips, Rowan commands all my attention and none of it is focused on work. I prepare to meet another entitled jerk when I step on board his ship, but it turns out that Rowan is the exception to the billionaire rule. And I get a first-hand glimpse of the kindhearted man behind the money.

The professional line between us melts away but I’ve been badly burned by a workplace relationship gone wrong. And Rowan and I live in two very different worlds. I can’t – shouldn’t – fall for Rowan Carter.

Oh boy. Too late.

Rowan: I run a real estate empire but being in the top one percent isn’t all fun and caviar. The family business has struggled these past two years and now the one place that was my refuge may be taken away from me. Add to that, I’m a target for the paparazzi because of a former relationship. I’ve never felt so alone. Lonely. Unmoored…

Until a dreamy American named Andrew Slater walks aboard my ship and into my life. Andrew takes delight in answering my snark with sarcastic retorts and his wit is matched by quiet acts of kindness.

Falling in love is an unexpected voyage for both of us. Unless the press gets wind of our relationship, and then all bets are off.

But I fight to win because Andrew is the most important deal of my life.


ava olsen avatarAva Olsen has always been inspired by love stories. When the pandemic hit, she decided it was time to make her daydreams about storytelling into a reality, so she turned her pen from sales proposals to romance novels.




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