Today I am so pleased to welcome Hayden Hall to Joyfully Jay. Hayden has come to talk to us about his latest release, Rescued. He has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving him a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

“You liked him,” Archer whispered as if for himself. He hated that he’d done it aloud. He should have kept his mouth shut.

“I did,” Brooklyn admitted, then glanced at Archer with a hint of a cheeky smile. “But not like that.”

“Like what?” Archer played a fool, but it was hard to keep himself from smiling.

“You know,” Brooklyn said.

“Oh,” Archer said, trying his best to stay cool. He’d had no reason to worry about such things, but imagining Brooklyn in love with a stranger just felt like a loss.

“Is that relief I see on your face?” Brooklyn asked, the cheeky smile growing wider, his voice turning playful and high.

“No,” Archer huffed, his ears burning. “Why would I be relieved?”

Brooklyn laughed quietly to himself. “Why would you, indeed?”

“I was just asking,” Archer said defensively, hating how hot his face was getting.

“It’s okay to ask,” Brooklyn said. “And it’s okay to be jealous. I’m quite a catch.”

Archer’s tongue tied.

“I’m kidding,” Brooklyn said quickly.

Archer nodded. “Well… You might be. To someone.”

Brooklyn snorted. “Gimme a break. I’m hard enough to handle for myself, let alone somebody else.”

“You’re not that bad,” Archer said with a shrug, trying to seem casual and composed. He was neither of those things.

“We’ve all known worse,” Brooklyn said. “But that doesn’t make me any better. It’d be a mistake to compare everyone to the worst. It makes everyone look miles better.”

Archer laughed softly, not sure if that was a joke. It rang true, but it seemed like such a ridiculous thing to say. “Even so, you’re, uh, alright.”

Brooklyn laughed. “Do they hand out medals for alright?”

“I don’t know. You’ll have to ask the chief medal officer. Maybe you can get a participation trophy instead.” Archer smiled, forgetting himself for a moment in time. Forgetting everything but the moment they were in.

“A participation trophy for existing? That sounds an awful lot like a tombstone,” Brooklyn said innocently.

Laughter burst out of Archer so unexpectedly that he nearly spilled his coffee.

Brooklyn chuckled and waited for silence to fall between them before he spoke again. “I’m glad you still remember how to laugh.”

Archer’s lips stretched into a smile that he quickly tried to pull down. There was no real reason he should look like a teenage boy who’d just fallen in love. Because he hadn’t. And he wouldn’t. Falling in love had gotten him here in the first place. “I think, without you to crack jokes, I would have forgotten,” he admitted.

“My life has a new meaning,” Brooklyn said over the top. “A fucking jester, I’ll be.” He laughed.

“We all have our strengths and weaknesses,” Archer said.

“What are my weaknesses?” Brooklyn asked in a tone that said ‘how dare you, sir?’

“Let’s see,” Archer said, squinting. “You curse like a sailor.”

“Goodness gracious, not like a sailor!” Brooklyn bemoaned, fanning his face dramatically.

Archer laughed aloud again, his stomach shaking.

As their laughter slowly died down, they caught each other’s glances and let them linger on one another’s eyes. They were the same shades of dark brown, but that was where their similarities ended. Brooklyn’s hair was black where Archer’s was brown. Brooklyn was sculpted like Adonis where Archer was just fit. Brooklyn had a cropped beard while Archer couldn’t grow hair on his face even if his life depended on it.

Brooklyn’s gaze slid down Archer’s body, scanning him slowly, taking him in. Again, Archer felt like his soul was about to leave his body and fly with the freedom he felt. He didn’t presume that Brooklyn was looking at him with any intent, but Archer didn’t need to worry about it, either. Whatever was going through Brooklyn’s head, it was okay. Archer didn’t need to pretend it was meaningless. He didn’t need to justify it to anyone. It wasn’t hurting anybody here.


rescued coverSanctuary, Book 1

Running away is only the first step. Moving on is the hardest.

When Archer Navarro escapes his emotionally abusive boyfriend in the middle of the night, he hopes to step into a better life.

A turn of bad luck ends Archer’s flights as soon as it starts, but the kindness of strangers brings him to an LGBT shelter.

And it brings him to Brooklyn. He’s the moody, drop-dead gorgeous tenant in the apartment next door, and he soon becomes the source of Archer’s hope.

Their chemistry is instant. It’s hot enough to melt the snow that’s about to bury them. Brooklyn makes Archer believe there still might be some love in him left to give.

If only the past wasn’t getting in the way. If only Archer could let those around him help.

The road of trials tests these men’s will to hold onto one another.

Tensions with his estranged family and a lifetime of scars threaten to take Archer back to where it all started. Back to the house where he was a little more than a prisoner.

And when the future of both their lives depends on it, Archer and Brooklyn need to answer it once and for all: can broken hearts ever beat the same again?

And can love ever be enough?

Rescued is the first book in the Sanctuary series, but it’s a complete standalone with no cheating or cliffhangers and with a guaranteed happily ever after. This book deals with darker themes of abuse and, while it’s generally sweet, it’s not for everyone. Please, read the content warnings inside the book by using the Look Inside feature or downloading a sample.


hayden hall bio photoGay. Sweet. Steamy.

Hayden Hall writes MM romance novels. He is a boyfriend, a globetrotter, and an avid romance reader.

Hayden’s mission is to author a catalog of captivating and steamy MM romance novels which gather a devoted community around the Happily Ever Afters.

His stories are sweet with just the right amount of naughty.

You can get in touch with Hayden on Facebook or through his website at

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To celebrate the release of Rescued, Hayden is giving away an EBook of the Winner’s Choice and a $25 gift card (Open Internationally)! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

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