Today I am so pleased to welcome Sophia Nixs to Joyfully Jay. Sophia has come to talk to us about her latest release, Sleigh Ride with Kellan. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

I was certain I didn’t miss a hitch in both of our breaths as our hands rested next to each other and our fingers grazed. “That’s my place at the bottom of the hill but the snow is too thick. I always prepare for every eventuality,” he admitted shrugging his shoulders.

“I can see that.” I smiled, realizing that I’d never actually been on a sleigh since I was a little boy. “Like a boy scout,” I joked, holding my fingers up in the well renowned salute.

“I’m definitely not a boy. I’m all man.” Eli growled as he reached between the console, allowing our bodies to become dangerously close and grabbed a jacket from behind us before throwing it at me. “Here—put this on. Last thing we need is you getting ill.” I grabbed the jacket and slid it on over my frame as Eli climbed out of the truck and I followed behind. I ensured Pip was secured in her crate before lifting her out, trying to keep her warm. “Leave the bags in the truck. I’ve got plenty of supplies at my place,” he stated as he secured the vehicle and led the way through the snow, as if he knew a path existed underneath that I couldn’t see with my bare eyes.

“How are we going to manage this?” I asked, fighting to speak against the harsh cold air. “Won’t it be safer to walk?”

“Nope.” Eli popped the ‘p’ as he untied the large sleigh and lined it up for where he wanted it to go. “This isn’t my first snowstorm and it won’t be my last. Now listen to me carefully…” His eyes darkened as he turned to face me, ensuring to keep hold of the sleigh as his ass stuck up in the air. Fuck. I shouldn’t be allowing my mind to drift like it is but damn, those jeans fitted him so well. “I want you to pass me the crate first.”

I gulped harshly as I did as he asked, watching him straddle the sleigh with those thick taut thighs, keeping the rope wrapped around his hand and the crate snuggled between his inner thighs, squeezing tightly. I tried to think of anything else but the way he looked in this position but nothing worked. My dick ignored my brain and worked against me, hardening within my jeans, not caring whether it was appropriate or not.

“Are you okay?” I asked carefully, not wanting to jolt Eli and make him suddenly freak out.

“Yes,” Eli hissed, as if it was taking all his restraint to remain still. “Climb on behind me. I need you to be as close as possible,” he uttered out, making my heart beat faster. “If you’re not, then you’ll fall.” I got it. I really did but there was no way I would be able to hide my rock hard cock from Eli. I braced myself behind him and scooted forward, grinding into his ass as the magnetized force drew us together. “Arms, Kellan,” Eli said, forcing the words out as if they were the hardest thing he’d ever had to say. “Let’s go.”

The moment we hit the bottom of the hill and the sleigh came to a stop, Eli jumped off, not even giving a second thought to myself and grabbed the crate, marching through the thick snow until he reached the front door of his large farmhouse. Fuck, it was gorgeous.

The moment he opened the door I stepped in behind him, unsure where to look first as I began to slip the coat that I borrowed from him off and hung it over my arm. I watched as he let Pip out of the crate and placed her onto a warm cushion just a few feet away from me. He went and grabbed a small amount of food and a little water, placing it by the bed. I couldn’t help but smile at the sight.

It was then I froze, unable to breathe as Eli’s hand’s fisted my shirt and pushed me up against the wall. He stepped forward and closed the distance between us, grinding his hard erection against my hip, making my own cock desperate and needy to be free of the fabric that currently restricted us. Eli quickly pounced forward, closing that hair’s breadth that remained between us and covered his mouth against mine. We both began fighting for dominance as Eli managed to pull elicit moans from the back of my throat before he stopped, leaving me breathless.

I couldn’t feign my shock as I blinked twice before noticing he’d not even muttered a word to me.

He’d just stepped back and walked away from me.


sleigh ride with kellan coverStranded at Christmas Series Novella

The North Avenue Live Guys #1

A rugged, bearded mechanic becomes my knight in shining armor.
Traveling three hours to make my twin daughter’s Christmas come true.
I never expected him.
We are the complete opposites and he infuriates me like no one else.
Love was never on the cards for me.

A blizzard holds up my plans and I end up staying the night with him.
Everything I never thought I wanted.
I thought being stranded at Christmas was the only surprise I was in for. How wrong was I?


Sophia Nixs is a romance author from the United Kingdom that writes steamy contemporary MM romance.

Sophia is a romantic at heart, she adores everything to do with love. In her eyes, when someone finds loves that’s all that matters.

Sophia’s dream is to live in the countryside where she can write her stories from her book nook whilst looking out at the gorgeous scenery in peace and quiet.

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To celebrate the release of Sleigh Ride with Kellan, Sophia is giving you a chance to win a paperback copy of the book!

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