Today I am so pleased to welcome Aurora Crane to Joyfully Jay. Aurora has come to talk to us about her latest release, Two Soldiers for Christmas. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


I’m so excited to be here to talk about my new release with you!

“Two Soldiers for Christmas” is a Christmas novella that is connected to my Chain Reaction series (of which there is only one book, but many more on the way!). While most of the connected books in the “Chain Reaction universe” will be standalone, there are lots of character crossovers and cameos.

Catalyst, the first book in my Chain Reaction series, follows the same four men in a relationship (MMMM) and the sequel is coming out early 2023.

You can get Catalyst here:

And Two Soldiers for Christmas here:


Avery circled the bench and reached for Zach’s empty container. His fingers brushed against the back of Zach’s hand, and something in Zach snapped.

He encircled Avery’s wrist with his fingers, halting his movement as he placed his free hand on the other side of Avery, effectively trapping him. He bit his bottom lip as he stared down at Avery’s beautiful face. He was fucking perfect. From his lips, to the sprinkle of light freckles across his nose, to his hazel-brown eyes that were always fired up about something, making him look spirited and alive. Zach would never get enough of him. He wanted to see him sleeping in their bed.

“What are you doing?” Avery asked.

“You’re smarter than that, Avery,” Felix murmured, coming up beside him. He slid a hand into Avery’s hair, cradling the back of his head, holding him there for Zach.

Zach pressed his thumb against Avery’s bottom lip, and his lips parted in response. Fucking hell. The response. The same lava that Felix inspired in him was burning in Zach’s stomach. Avery had been made for them, and it had never been more obvious than in this moment.

“I don’t understand,” Avery said, his breath hot against Zach’s thumb.

“Let me clear it up for you,” Zach said. He took Avery’s lips harder than he’d meant to, harder than he’d dreamed about. But he was burning up, desperate for him. Avery whimpered, and Zach was lost. He tipped his head down and demanded to be let in, drawing Avery against him. Avery opened beneath him, and Zach groaned into his mouth. Fuck. He tasted like their dinner and something so much better, sweeter.

Zach rolled their hips together, and his skin tightened as pleasure lanced through him. Avery’s body felt different than Felix, softer and smaller. Different but setting Zach on fire just as badly.

Zach fisted Avery’s shirt, lifting it so he could get his hands underneath. He was so fucking soft. Even the light spattering of hair leading down his belly was soft. It reminded Zach of an echidna at rest, when their spikes were down, and they were able to be touched. A perfect analogy for their Avery.

Avery pulled away with wide eyes and harsh breathing. Felix slid a hand across his cheek and gently turned him, caressing the same cheek with his knuckles.

Felix was gentler, taking his time to bend and press their lips together, letting them settle against one another before he coaxed Avery’s lips open with his tongue.

Jesus fucking Christ. Zach had imagined what it would be like to see them kiss. Nothing could have prepared him for the reality of it. Seeing Felix’s hands on Avery was doing things to him that he couldn’t explain. He’d known they would be this good together.

Zach latched on to the smooth skin of Avery’s neck, marking him with his tongue and teeth. He hoped the marks stayed for days, told everyone who saw them that Avery was more than spoken for.

Avery gasped, tilting his head and giving Zach more room.

“You don’t… this isn’t…” Avery’s breath hitched as Zach sucked on a particularly sensitive spot.

“Isn’t what?” Felix asked, his voice breathless.

“I have no idea,” Avery breathed out. He tugged Felix back down, obscene sounds coming from his mouth that went straight to Zach’s dick.

Avery popped open the top button of Felix’s pants and went for his zipper next.


Can Avery open his heart to two soldiers this Christmas?

Felix Hawkins and Zach Walsh fell in love with each other when they were fourteen—and with their best friend’s little brother when they were twenty-three. But at that point, Avery was barely an adult, still wearing hearts in his eyes when he looked at them. Felix was determined that they should wait so that Avery could come to them on even footing, as an adult fully grown and with a clear head. Zach wasn’t sure he could be that patient, but for Felix, and for Avery, he would do anything. So they’ve held out for what feels like forever—and they know what they want for Christmas this year!

Avery McKenna might have crushed on his brother’s best friends once upon a time, but that’s over with now… right? He’s focused on his career, and while his job might not be keeping him warm at night, it’s summer in Sydney; he doesn’t need any extra warmth. Felix and Zach and their charming… everything, can waltz right back out the door because he doesn’t want anything to do with whatever game they’re playing with him. It has to be a game, right? Earth-shattering kisses aside, why would they ever want him for keeps?
Is the beautiful picture they might paint together worth the risk of it all going wrong? Avery has never been a gambler, but he might finally be ready to take a chance on the best Christmas present he’s ever received.

Two Soldiers for Christmas is a 32,000-word MMM older brother’s best friends Christmas novella featuring an established couple adding a third, Christmas shenanigans, and a satisfying HFN ending.


Aurora has brought a direct to Kindle ebook copy of a backlist to give away to two lucky readers. Just leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. The contest ends on Friday, December 9th at 11:59 pm ET.

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