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David has done all he can to prepare for being a good Daddy Dom, and now he wants to actually try it with a partner. But David can’t help but be anxious about doing it all correctly or even finding someone to be his partner. He knows he doesn’t always get social cues right and his stuttering sometimes turns people off. However, when David goes to a local kink workshop, he finds himself totally drawn to Naftali, the sub who is teaching the event. Naftali just seems so bright and full of life, and when David learns that Naftali is also a transgender man like himself, David feels even more comfortable with him.

Naftali has lots of experience being a submissive, but his last relationship left him in a bad place. Naftali knows that he isn’t good about staying organized or keeping track of time, and he is self conscious about how not having one steady job means he is not as financially secure as he’d like. But Naftali has also learned that he cannot change who he is, even for a Dom, and he needs to figure out what he wants and regain his sense of self before getting involved again. So he has decided to take a year off from relationships and just enjoy casual partners. That doesn’t mean the newbie Dom in his class doesn’t catch Naftali’s eye, however.

When David and Naftali end up unexpectedly reconnecting, it seems like the perfect chance for the men to spend some time together. It also leads to a chance for the guys to get to know each other better. David needs a date for his parents’ anniversary party in Portland. His parents haven’t been particularly good about accepting he is transgender and he knows the party will be difficult without support. Plus, David had booked a week in an adorable lodge with lots of time for skiing and outdoor adventures before he and his ex broke up, so he would love someone to enjoy it with. Naftali is thrilled for the chance at a vacation and a week with David. They both agree it can’t be more than casual, but it will be a chance for David to learn and grow as a Dom, and for Naftali to enjoy some pampering.

The men quickly find that they are such a good fit together. David’s Daddy Dom nature mean he loves taking care of Naftali, and that includes helping him tidy up and keeping him on track when needed. All the things that used to bother Naftali’s past partners are things that don’t phase David at all. And while Naftali originally wasn’t sure how he felt about having a Daddy, he realizes it is a perfect fit for him. He loves to be pampered and cared for, and knowing someone isn’t judging every move makes him feel relaxed and happy in a way he didn’t with his ex. The men spend a week enjoying outdoor adventures and exploring kinky times in the bedroom. It is a revelation for David, who not only finds himself so incredibly drawn to Naftali, but also realizes that he does, in fact, have it in him to be a good Dom. But as their magical week draws to a close, both men are facing the reality of returning home. David would love to continue a relationship with Naftali, but he also doesn’t want to put pressure on him. Now, Naftali must decide if the magic he has found with David is worth taking the chance on a future together.

A Daddy for Kinkmas is part of the latest season of the Naughty or Nice multi-author collection. These books are meant to stand alone and you can easily jump into this story without any of the others. That said, the men from Morrison’s All Tied Up do appear here, as they own the lodge Naftali and David visit, and they have a small (and kinky) side role. So if you have read that book, you may enjoy seeing the men again here (they also appear in Morrison’s Pretty ‘n Peak). This is a long story, about 450 pages, and I will admit that I wondered if the book would drag a little given that it is a straight contemporary, versus something that needs a lot of world building to develop. But I am happy to say that this one really kept my attention and I tore through it much faster than I expected.

Morrison does a great job really developing David and Naftali as characters and making them rich and interesting men. Once they get together, there is so much to explore, both individually and with one another, that it really kept things moving forward well. At first, David is a newbie Dom who is nervous about bringing all his fantasies to life. David is neurodivergent, and has OCD and a stutter, so he isn’t totally confident about himself or how others perceive him. Naftali’s easy acceptance goes a long way to helping David feel confident, and Naftali is able to guide David through new situations, while still allowing David to feel like the dominant partner. For his part, Naftali lost some confidence in himself after his last boyfriend made him doubt so much about himself and he is working to feel stronger. So, at first, he is wary when he is running late, or forgets something, or leaves his clothes out, worried about what David will think. But David accepts Naftali just as he is and, in fact, he truly enjoys taking care of him. The men are also both transgender, which gives them some common understanding of one another, particularly for David who is still figuring out his comfort level with some aspects of sharing his body. The men are just so good together, with a very sweet dynamic, but also a lot of heat. I loved watching them explore new things together and the way Naftali helps David open up to just the Daddy Dom he is supposed to be, as well as how Naftali realizes that he loves being a boy.

The story has a nice holiday vibe as well, as they are away over both Christmas and Chanukah. Naftali is Jewish and he shares a lot of his traditions with David, who isn’t familiar with most of them, but is eager to learn. There is a nice mutual respect and effort at understanding between them and I enjoyed how they learn from each other. I find Morrison writes their Jewish characters well and I am always pleased to find a new story from them.

David originally planned the trip so he could attend his parents’ anniversary party, and he knows it will be stressful given the way his mom treats him. Naftali really helps David get through it all and is there to support him, and so things end on a positive note. But be aware that David’s mother does use his deadname, misgender him, and make other comments that make it clear she doesn’t fully accept him. Things end pretty happily for the men by the end of the party, particularly as David has a chance to reconnect with his brother, but be aware if any of these elements might be triggering for you (the author does note in the front of the book which parts to skip if you want to avoid this part of the story).

I found this a really enjoyable Daddy/boy story with a nice holiday flavor. David and Naftali are so sweet together, as well as quite sexy, and I enjoyed this one a lot.

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