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Length: Novella


A Night at the Theatre is a Shadows of London series novella that takes place after the fifth book, Without a Trace. The series must be read in order and there are natural spoilers for the series present in this review.

Alexander is taking Dom to the theater. Dom is reluctant, as he has to dress up and play a part in high society that he is not comfortable with. But the men will do anything for each other and they find themselves spending a night socializing with wealthy people and the guest of honor—the King of England.

The hard stuff was supposed to be over and the men are enjoying themselves until Dom is accused of planting a bomb in the theater with the king the target. Now, Dom and Alexander are being chased by MI6, the Metropolitan Police, and the king’s personal security and they are determined to make prison Dom’s next stop. Dom and Alexander once again must find the true culprit before it’s lights out once again.

This story was an unexpected treat, as I had thought this series had fully wrapped up. It’s so much fun to reunite with Alexander and Dom after the final events of the previous book and all they have been through. It has been a hard fought and a hard won journey for the men to get to where they are to be together. It’s exhilarating to see them married and so fiercely dedicated to each other and it’s a revelation to see their deep love for each other as #goals.

The book opens with Alexander and Dom enjoying each other and their banter is hilarious. It’s a whole new side to the men as they are comfortable with each other and so in love. But nothing is easy for these men and their night out turns disastrous and deadly and Alexander still has secrets. The overwhelming dedication they have to each other is what shines through here and makes this book a must read after you finish the series. If you haven’t read this series, there are many reasons why you should, but one reason is so you can get to this super entertaining and gratifying novella as the men try to simply go to the theater.

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