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Barney isn’t a guy looking for commitment, but he still loves finding a hot silver fox Daddy to play with. Last year, Barney’s best friend, Kasper, found his true love at one of the Cuffd kink vacations and the couple has moved to Manchester. So this year, Barney figures he can combine a visit to Kasper with the various kink events Cuffd is hosting in the city over the holiday. When he meets a super hot “Santa” at one of the parties, Barney has a steamy and intense night with Magnus that both men really enjoy. It is supposed to be just one night, but neither man can stop thinking of the other; when they run into each other again, Barney agrees to a second night, despite his “one time only” rule.

Magnus lost his husband five years ago and hasn’t had anything serious ever since. Barney is nothing like Magnus’ late husband, but there is something about the bratty, spirited boy that just charms Magnus. He would love to pursue more, but he knows Barney isn’t looking for serious. But Magnus does manage to convince Barney to spend a few days with him over Christmas. The two of them totally work together, not only in the bedroom, where things are a perfect fit, but also surprisingly with quieter times as well. As the holiday comes to a close, Magnus hopes that the two of them can continue seeing one another, but Barney is wary. Now, Barney must decide if the connection the pair have found is worth taking the risk on a chance at love.

A Silver Fox at Kinkmas is part of the third season of the multi-author Naughty or Nice collection of standalones. However, it more closely connects with Crazy Little Thing Cold Love, part of the Destination Daddies collection, which features Barney’s friend Kasper meeting his partner, Jude. Those men do appear here and Kasper plays a side role as Barney’s best friend, so fans of that book should enjoy seeing them. But I do think you can read this one alone, as long as you don’t mind a few references to things that happened in the other book.

This story is sweet and sexy and a nice light holiday read, with a dose of kink. The set up is pretty straightforward, with the men meeting, having what they assume is a hot one-off, then reconnecting later. Barney grew up with parents who seem to hate each other, which makes him wary of romance and relationships. He is just looking for some hot fun and doesn’t want anything serious. Magnus is older, more established, and a widower who is ready to start dating again. At first, the plan is to keep things casual, but of course that doesn’t last long as the guys start to not just have a lot of steamy sex, but also realize they enjoy each other’s company. While both men are experienced in a Daddy/boy dynamic, they do still experiment with a lot of new things together, so there is quite a lot of kinky sex and this is a pretty high heat story, mixed with a lot of sweeter times.

I found this book pretty long for the story being told, however, as most of the book is just spent with the two men alone hanging out and having sex. They are alone in Magnus’ apartment for the majority of that time, so there was a point where they felt pretty emotionally settled together (even if they hadn’t admitted love or anything long term). I kept thinking the book was almost over when there was still so much to go. I wasn’t necessarily bored, I just felt like the story was stretched out for more pages than the plot could really could carry. Also, Davison does a nice job establishing Barney’s wariness about love over the course of the book and grounding it in his parents’ failing marriage, so that seems the focus for Barney’s reservations about relationships. But when the conflict really hits, it is instead more about him feeling like he isn’t established enough in life, doesn’t know what to do with his future, etc. These issues come up in passing in the story, but get much less attention, so when they become a major stumbling block, I felt it needed more foundation.

Overall, this story was entertaining and an easy holiday read. If you enjoy Daddy/boy dynamics and are looking for some nice holiday fun, this one is worth checking out.

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