Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella


Wareth spends all of his days at his pottery wheel. He’s comfortable with his schedule there and is used to being alone. Years ago, Wareth had his heart broken and, since he never wanted to go through that again, he closed himself off. Now, in his 40s, Wareth’s convinced he’s too old and grumpy for any one to take a second look at him

Ori is captivated the first time he sees Wareth at the pottery wheel. It doesn’t matter that Wareth is human and Ori is a mountain nymph or that Wareth is two decades older than Ori. Ori finds reasons to visit Wareth, however Wareth doesn’t seem interested. But Wareth is definitely interested in the younger, beautiful Ori with the silver eyes, he just has no idea how to let himself want someone. With Ori now in Wareth’s studio every day, the chemistry between them is evident and it’s up to Wareth to make his move.

A Winter Crush is another soft romance set in a small village around the Winter Solstice. I liked being back in the village where the mountain nymphs are a highlight of this Nymph Solstice series for me.

Ori is 22 years old and has had kept a careful watch over his younger brother after their parents died of illness. Now that his brother is growing up and spending time with friends, Ori spends a lot of time alone and he’s lonely. Seeing Wareth is love at first sight for Ori. He likes the way Wareth looks and he likes the simple and organized life that Wareth has in his pottery studio. And Ori doesn’t even think about that Wareth is older than him. Wareth has lived an isolated life. He had a long-term relationship with his best friend and he thought they would be together forever. When that didn’t work out, Wareth felt like he wasn’t enough and has lived many years alone.

There is a slow slide for these two to get together as Wareth questions everything. He has no idea why Ori would be interested in him and his vulnerability and trust issues rear up and his first priority becomes protecting himself. Until he realizes that everything is better with Ori.

I still would like more information on the mountain nymphs and more information on the village overall. Ori and Wareth live in the same general area where everyone seems to know each other, but it didn’t seem that Ori knew of Wareth or knew there was even a potter, so it feels contradictory in some places. This book does stand alone and overlaps the time frame of the other two books and we do see a glimpse of Sinoe from A Winter Admirer. For warm stories set around the cold mountains during the Winter Solstice with interesting characters, this series could be your next read.