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Logan doesn’t want to admit that he’s a little overwhelmed and probably a little depressed. His divorce sucked the life out of him and his bank account, and his job as a firefighter leaves little energy left over. Whatever energy Logan does have goes to his twin boys, of whom he has shared custody. He loves his boys, but most days he needs an extra pair of hands and a few more hours of sleep. Looking to increase his cash flow, Logan takes a job at a summer festival and has a life altering encounter with fire dancer, Remy. They have an instant and magical connection that is gone too fast and Logan can’t seem to shake the memory of their one kiss.

Remy was living in his van by design during in the summer, but after an injury left him unable to perform, he now has nowhere to live but in his van during the brutal winter. A chance at securing a studio to continue his jewelry business is within his grasp and Logan is his new neighbor. The connection between the men is just as enchanted as before and Remy is in awe at seeing Logan as a father. The men have a need to be in each other’s space and a hunger for each other that is difficult to sate. Remy is too proud to ask for more and Logan’s job makes him not an ideal partner. But Christmas on Firefly Hill is ready to work its magic.

Many of Garrett Leigh’s books are intense and angst-filled and she does that so well. She also does the slow, seductive ride to happiness so well also and Christmas on Firefly Hill takes us on that ride. Whenever there is an opportunity for something to drive these guys apart, Logan and Remy redirect because they just want something good for themselves and to be together.

The connection between the men is immediate and electric. When Logan sees Remy as a fire dancer, he is enchanted and the men are drawn together as if they were always meant to be at each other’s sides. Fate seems to agree, as when both men can’t stop thinking about their brief encounter, they get a second chance.

Remy is in a difficult situation after an injury and Logan is overwhelmed from one day to the next. Being together quiets their minds and offers a sense of safety that Remy craves. Remy loves Logan’s home and the way Logan is with his twin boys and Remy is in awe of everything about Logan and is life. Their attraction and pull to be together is intense and this is where Leigh makes their interactions mesmerizing. She also continues with giving her MCs interesting occupations with Remy being a festival fire dancer and a jewelry artist.

This is billed as a Christmas book and it is set around Christmas time, but it does not rely heavily on the holiday for the plot. If you like the softer side of Garrett Leigh and just a touch of Christmas, you should certainly check out Christmas on Firefly Hill.

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