Rating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Short Story


Normally, Cole would be heading home for the holidays, ready to share Christmas with his parents and sisters. Instead, he’s driving through the snow to a small cabin tucked away where his boss, Kiernan, is celebrating a solitary Yuletide, unaware of the forces conspiring to whisk his company out from under his feet. If it wasn’t for an overheard conversation, Cole would have been just as blindsided as Kiernan; instead, he’s racing ahead of a storm in the hopes of saving his boss, his job, and Christmas.

This is a light-hearted romance filled with a great deal of sex and occasional bits of plot for window decoration. Cole is an elfin, bright, and cheerful young man who has had a crush on his boss, Kiernan, for the last three years. As Kiernan keeps working his way through a bevy of women, Cole knows there’s no hope for anything but the deep and abiding friendship the two of them have had since Cole started working at Zentec. But a bit of cider that’s made of more brandy than apples has Cole confessing sleepily to his boss: I love you.

Kiernan never thought of men in that way, never thought of himself as either bisexual or gay … but when Cole murmurs those words before passing out on the couch, Kiernan suddenly finds himself thinking about Cole in a very non-platonic, non-boss way. Cole is beautiful, generous, and kind. He’s also the closest thing Kiernan has to a friend. Cole has made the last three years of his life worth living and Kiernan can’t see a future without him in it.

By bedtime, they’re in love, wrapped up in a mutual embrace beneath the covers. The next day, the workplace plot is resolved and all is well in the world. This is almost more a lengthy short story than it is a novella, and with a great deal of time spent on the sex scenes, there isn’t much time for character work or … well, plot. Even so, it’s a bit of harmless holiday fluff if you want something quick, with kind characters and a happily ever after.