Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella


Anna is a sweet dog whose family moved and left her with someone who neglected her until Anna ran away. And one bitter December day, Anna bolts for a scrap of food and ends up being hit by a motorist. Shawn Daly is devastated about the poor dog he hit and he vows to take excellent care of her. It’s a match made in the Midwest, where Shawn has relocated for his new tenure-track assistant professor job.

Shawn hasn’t met many people in his new town or at his new job, so Anna is perfect company for his winter break down time. Their long walks are a source of joy for Anna and needed exercise for Shawn, who’s given up on the gym, and spends a lot of time in front of his computer writing papers for publication. They meet Austin and his Newfoundland, Lola, while trekking through the neighborhood. Austin also works for the same university as Shawn, so he’s off for break as well. And, his teenaged son is on vacation with his moms, so Austin is also at loose ends for the holidays.

Both Shawn and Austin are out, gay, and attracted to one another, but Shawn is afraid to make any moves, since he could use a friend, and doesn’t want to lose the friendship he’s making with Austin. Leave it to Anna to take drastic measures, shoving Shawn out of his solitary rut–and getting herself a sister of the fur in Lola.

This is a short and sweet romance between two mature, lonely men with bossy dogs. Expect some of the chapters to be delightfully (and frightfully) narrated by Anna, who is the best girl in the world. The ending is so happy, you’ll have kittens.