Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella


Nikolas Petrov is the last of the dragon triplets to find a fated mate. He’s not looking, either, even if he’s a little melancholy about how his brothers have found their “other halves.” So, those other halves–Kam and Zach–decide to take matters into their own hands. Nik is a successful real estate mogul, but he’s hopelessly disorganized. He’s so foul-tempered that he can’t keep an assistant. So, Kam and Zach find him Daniel–a sweet, submissive young man, who has organization hardwired into his genes.

Daniel is desperate to get a new living situation. His roommate was a convenient hook up, but he’s become emotionally abusive and physically threatening. This new job with Mr. Petrov, who is so sexy and admirable, would give Daniel the financial stability to find a new living arrangement. His “Niko” is way more compassionate than Daniel had ever dreamed, and all the dragons happily absorb Daniel into their family the moment he gets into trouble. Nik thought he’d never be able to tolerate an assistant, but Daniel’s stern organization is such a help, he’s soon to recognize that he can’t let the dear boy go… because they are mates.

This is the third book in the Dragon Triplets series and best enjoyed when read in order.  As far as fated mates series go, this one has been entertaining. There is always instalove, with a vulnerable young pseudo-dragon finding his true legacy in the arms of a Petrov. The story has a secondary plot line involving the sexual traffickers who’d kidnapped Kam, in the first book. The investigation into the bad guys extended through all three books and gets fully resolved by the end of this one. It’s not too dramatic, and the love story (sexual connection) between Nik and Daniel is the main thrust of the book.

If you like breezy, sexy, paranormal romances with fated mates and strong family connections, you’ll likely enjoy this book and series. It’s busy and there’s no pausing from start to finish. Well, except for the sexy times, which are frequent and plentiful.