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Kazimir Skokan has many internet followers that love his high profile and lavish life. Felix Quaid definitely feels differently. Felix loathes everything about Kazi; as an investigative journalist, Felix knows something is definitely off with Kazi and Felix’s need to expose Kazi has imploded his life and his marriage. There are disturbing occurrences wherever Kazi is and Felix has photographic evidence to back up his claims. But his story was squashed and his career went up in flames and now Felix is ready to make Kazi pay.

Kazi has been a member of the Blackrose Brotherhood for centuries and he’s been a vampire for longer. He lives by the rules of the Brotherhood and, as long as he keeps his feelings locked down, he gets close to no one and no one he would potentially care about gets hurt. Kazi has orders from Mikalis, the head of the Brotherhood, to kill Felix. But in what should have been Felix’s final moments, both men are kidnapped by an overzealous cult determined to bleed Kazi dry. If Felix and Kazi want to escape, they have to call a truce and work together to get free. But as soon as that happens, Kazi’s orders are still to kill Felix.

The heat is intense between the men and what once was hate quickly ignites into so much more. Felix is in over his head in an unfamiliar world and Kazi can’t be allowed to want Felix as much as he does. The men are destined to be together and the stakes are high for both of them and now their main concern is to protect each other at all costs — and that cost is high.

With only a couple days left in 2022, Ariana Nash slides in with a book that definitely moves into a top spot of books I’ve read for the year. Violent Mistake follows Violent Desire in the Blackrose Brotherhood series and features vampire Kazi. This book took off at a much faster pace than the first book and opened up more of the story of not only Kazi’s past, but the legacy of the Brotherhood.

Kazi is thousands of years old and he’s had a tumultuous and devastating life. His allegiance is to the Brotherhood and ridding the world of the rabid vampires that are being created. He has a bond with his brothers, but he has no love in his life. His internet persona enables him to have whoever he wants in his bed, but it all means nothing to him and he’s so lonely, except he can’t even recognize it anymore.

Felix hates Kazi but also longs to be close to him in equal measure. The man got under his skin so deep that Felix had to find a way to bring him down, but that only served to bring Felix down as well. The chemistry between these men is immediate from the first time they are on page together and the heat continually gets turned up with each encounter. They have to find a way to work together, but Felix has no idea what is real and true and if Kazi is just masterfully playing him.

There is more here on the larger world and story of the Brotherhood and the pasts of each vampire. There is a lot to explain, too much to explain here, but it’s not overly complicated to follow along. This book really ignited my interest in this series and I’m looking forward to continuing the story of the men we have already met, while also learning more about the rest of the Brotherhood. This is an exciting series to finish off 2022 or to start in the new year.

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