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Nico and his brothers are dragon shifters who use their strength and skills to run Drake Security. Nico’s latest assignment his protecting Lake Forrester, a wealthy party boy who is being stalked by his ex-boyfriend, Brody. Nico is determined to keep Lake safe, but when he realizes Brody is actually an unhinged wolf shifter, the situation becomes even more dire. Brody is more dangerous than the average human, but there are also wolf politics to negotiate before the Drakes can take action.

In order to keep Lake better protected, Nico moves him temporarily into his home on the ultra secure Drake compound. Normally, Nico hates being around people, and he virtually never has anyone else into his home. But something about Lake just draws him in and it doesn’t take long for Nico to realize that Lake is his fated mate. However, Lake still has no idea that Nico is a dragon (or that shifters even exist), which complicates things. That doesn’t stop the attraction from flaring between the men, or Nico’s dragon from wanting to claim Lake as their own. The connection between Nico and Lake is growing ever deeper, but with Brody getting increasingly bold in his attempts to get to Lake, it will take all the men have to stop him before it is too late.

Hot Head is the first book in the new Drake Security series from author Mika Nix (the combined pen name of authors K.M. Neuhold and Mia Monroe). This is basically tropey candy and, while it doesn’t necessarily break a lot of new ground, I found it a lot of fun and very entertaining.

Nico and Lake make an appealing couple, with Nico big, broody, and grumpy, while Lake is fiesty and lively. Lake just has this really fun energy and he slowly draws Nico out of his shell. Part of Nico’s allure here is that he is big, strong, and tough, but I appreciated that Lake isn’t all damsel in distress. He is brave and fierce and gets himself out of trouble when needed, and I think the two have a nice balance. Lake is incredibly wealthy and privileged, but has had little in the way of love and affection, while Nico has a strong family bond with his brothers. As the men develop their relationship, Lake not only gets the bond with Nico, but also an extended family as well. I liked the way Lake softens Nico and they are sexy and very sweet pair. They do get a bit mushy and purple at times with their dialog, especially once they realize they are mates. And Lake accepts that Nico is a dragon shifter (that he previously had no idea even existed) with almost absurd calmness. But as I said, this is tropey candy and even these tiny issues generally fit within this type of story.

I thought making Lake’s stalker another shifter was an interesting twist here, as it adds a nice layer to the world building, as well as a variety of complications. First, Lake doesn’t know shifters exist, so they can’t reveal to him why Brody has become so obsessed with him or why he is more dangerous than a normal man. In addition, there are politics involving the wolf packs, as well as historical conflicts between wolves and dragons, that further complicate things. So I think that added a nice element to the stalker plot line. The ending resolution didn’t totally come together for me in terms of the plan to lure out Brody. The idea that the Drakes wouldn’t

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have someone protecting Lake during all this when it is clear they aren’t all needed to take down Brody was hard to believe. Also, their plan to lure Brody with a fake rave when it would obvious from the silence way before he got out of the car that it was a trap felt kind of weak.
But I do really like how the ending comes together and it wasn’t a major issue and didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment.

We get to meet all the brothers here and get a sense of their basic personalities and interaction with each other. The end of this story leads into the next client (and presumably next relationship) and I am really looking forward to following along with this series. This book was exactly what I wanted to read right now and I really found it a lot of fun. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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