Today I am so pleased to welcome A.L. Morrow to Joyfully Jay. A.L. has come to talk to us about her latest release, Emissary. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

“What did he do, anyway?” Byron asked as he lowered his hand. His skin still tingled from using his powers to turn the switches and knobs on the cremation chamber. A wind-like howl sounded on the other side of the door.

“Who?” Kai asked.

The demon nodded toward the cremation chamber and the body burning within it. “The human.”

Kai looked away, his eyes roaming over the chipped linoleum tile on the floor instead of over Byron’s face. There was something shy—almost embarrassed—in his face, and his voice was as somber and uncomfortable as his expression when he replied. “Nothing. He did nothing … nothing bad, at least.”

If the Emissary’s reaction to the question was anything to go by, it didn’t seem like nothing. In fact, it seemed like the old man very much meant something to him. Byron crossed his arms over his chest and stepped to the side, barring Kai’s path when he tried to walk away. “Did you know him?”

The celestial lifted his head at last, and although he frowned and sighed, Byron was surprised by what he saw in the other male’s eyes. Hurt. The Emissary was suffering. Not a shallow, paper-cut sort of pain, either. He was miserable and wounded, a big, broken raven of a creature, as dark and dead inside as he was outside.

Byron stepped back. This was unexpected. He shouldn’t have asked, shouldn’t have pried. That much was clear. Part of him assumed Kai would brush past him, cold and closed-off as ever. But he didn’t. Instead, he shook his head and squared his shoulders as though summoning strength from deep inside him.

“That human made me feel something I haven’t in too long,” he said. “He made me feel … worthy.”


emissary coverStar-Crossed Celestials, Prequel

The line between angel and demon is razor thin. No one knows this better than Kai.

As an Emissary of death, darkness follows Kai like a shadow, leaving him touch-starved and lonely. Tormented by the error in judgment that killed his only love, he accepts an assignment to redeem himself: hunting down the demons destroying the mortal realm. But fate takes a turn, and Kai finds himself drawn to one of his targets instead.

Demonic martial arts expert Byron Black has struggled to survive his entire life. He has fought for every breath he’s taken and each bite he’s eaten, yet in the instant when his demise finally seems inevitable, death incarnate steps forward and spares him. Kai is as beautiful as he is terrifying, and although Byron suspects the angel’s interest in him is more than it appears, he can’t stay away.

Together, the pair search for answers regarding who wants Byron dead—and why—but uncovering the truth might destroy them both in the process. Can Kai defeat his inner demons to save the one that has crawled into his bed?


A.L. Morrow bio imageUSA Today bestselling author A.L. Morrow enjoys dreaming up steamy scenes and spectacular settings—often along with a touch of magic or myth. She believes that love is love and likes reading and writing various genres of romance.

In her downtime (what’s that?), A finds delight in scouring for secondhand designer fashions. She briefly lived in a haunted mansion, once took a flight to visit Scotland for a day, and is prone to meeting minor celebrities in random hotel elevators. She resides in the eastern US.

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