Today I am so pleased to welcome Iris Foxglove to Joyfully Jay. Iris has come to talk to us about their latest release, Shadowfall. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving them a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

“Do all the gods feel like Lord Tempest?”

Arwyn twisted to look at him. “About what? And why are you still thinking about him? He’s off to choke on a seal or get stuck in some coral—he isn’t, I should note, keeping you out of the hands of people who offered to buy your eyes. Remember? The pirate with the missing fingers?”

“Yes, and you’re doing this out of the kindness of your heart. Which I’m not sure you have.” Declan noticed Arwyn’s scowl falter, just for a second, before he turned away. “Is it strange that I’m curious? I just met a god for the first time.”

“The first—the first?” Arwyn whirled on him. He was framed by ferns, and the light shining from the houses on either side made his hair look like it was on fire. “I was the first, Declan. Me.” He pulled Declan close by the collar. “Say it.”

Declan searched his face. “It galls you, doesn’t it? Are you jealous of him?”

“I’m Avarice,” Arwyn snarled. “It’s my nature to envy.”


Arwyn narrowed his eyes. “I don’t have to answer to you. Levi was right. You’re just a mortal. You don’t matter. Your life will end in an eyeblink and we’ll still be here, forgetting your name.”

Declan smiled. Iola had been right, too, when she’d described Arwyn as a scraggly garbage cat, hissing and spitting while secretly yearning to curl up in a spot of sunlight.

“Stop that,” Arwyn said.

“You’ll remember me,” Declan said, still smiling.

Arwyn shook him. “No. Stop.”

“I matter to you,” Declan said, stepping closer, and to his delight, Arwyn took a horrified step back. “I’m the thorn in your side you don’t want to pluck out, because you’re a weird little emotional masochist and you hoard things like a wyvern.”

“You just likened yourself to a thorn and a hoard.”

Declan shrugged. “Neither of those is forgotten.”

“You think you know me just because you saw me in the Well that day?” Arwyn tried to pull Declan up by the collar, but Declan was a good six inches taller, so Arwyn had to settle for yanking him down instead. “You don’t know a fraction of what I am.”


shadowfall coverIt is said the demon in the well will give you your heart’s desire…for a price.

When Declan’s prince and best friend, Arwyn, goes seeking the demon for himself, he surprises Declan by leaping into the demon’s well. But when Declan pulls him out, it isn’t Arwyn he rescued, but a demon wearing his skin. No one believes Declan that Arwyn’s soul has been corrupted by the shadow in the well, and with Arwyn taking up arms against the king’s fleet by becoming a pirate, all that matters is stopping him.

When Arwyn offers him a terrible bargain, Declan agrees, hoping it will finally give him the truth about what happened to his prince…and a chance to find the man he’d loved since childhood.

But Arwyn isn’t a demon. He’s a god, and he is very, very good at knowing what people really want. He is convinced that for Declan, it isn’t the prince who went into the water that has captivated him…but the shadow that came out of it.

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Iris Foxglove is the shared pen name of Avon Gale (she/her) and Fae Loxley (he/him). Avon and Fae met in fandom in 2019, and began writing fanfiction together in 2020 during lockdown. They eventually decided to collaborate on original fantasy fiction, and haven’t looked back since.

They write queer fantasy with an emphasis on biological imperative, natural power exchange dynamics, complex worldbuilding, and unforgettable characters.

You can follow Iris on Twitter @irisfoxglove, or sign up for Iris’ newsletter: Iris also has a brand-new Patreon!


To celebrate the release upcoming release of Shadowfall, the authors are giving away 2 e-copies of Book 1: Storm Front! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

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