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Exclusive Excerpt

I’m bouncing with nerves, sitting cross-legged on my bed with my phone plugged into its charger and resting face up on the duvet in front of me.

Right at eight, my phone rings. I hesitate just for a second before clicking the accept button.

Shit, did I press video?

I freak out and duck to the side.

Shit shit shit.

I peek over the edge of the screen to see if there’s anything on the display.

Black screen, okay. All clear.

Umm, is he there? Do I say something?

“Hello… Mal?” the smooth voice asks, but the phone isn’t exactly a new model, so there’s a slight distortion that I don’t exactly hate.

I can’t speak. I open my mouth, but nothing comes out. My breathing becomes rapid, and I rake my fingers through my hair trying to stimulate any kind of brain activity. Oh my god, this can’t be happening. Hurry up and say hi or he’ll hang up.

“Bey, hear.”

Bey hear? Oh my god, I suck.

Bear doesn’t respond.

Fuck. In only two words I’ve ended this friendship or whatever it is we’re doing.

“Soo, this is weird right?” Bear asks, and I laugh.

“Yeah. It kind of is. I guess it’s more…”



“Would you feel more comfortable going back to text chats?” Bear asks and for a moment I consider it. But there’s something in his voice that tells me he doesn’t want me to say yes.

“No, I think the hard part is over now, right?”

Seriously. The hard part is over. Your dick twitched the second his voice came over your phone speaker.


“So, have you managed to steer clear of men wearing coconuts on their heads?” I ask, and he laughs this time. His voice reminds me of those meditation soundtracks, like McConaughey reading you to sleep.

I will never admit it to anyone who asks, but I’ve listened to every one of his stories. The man has a great voice. But Bear’s voice? It’s richer. More soulful.

“No more directions from anyone wearing coconuts or sleeping on random vegetation. That’s one mistake I won’t make again,” he says, and rustling noises come through the line. He’s moving, maybe getting more comfortable on a bed, I imagine.

“I’m sure the ants had a good time,” I joke, realizing I’m still laying on my side, hiding from the screen of my phone. I sit up and lean back against my pillow, bringing the phone with me so that I can be as close to the mellow tone of his voice as I can.

“Oh, they had fun all right. Right up until they hit the water.”

“Ahh that’s right, the ice falls. So not as hot as you thought it would be?”

Man, where is this confidence coming from? A minute ago I was a nervous schoolboy and now I’m, what? Casanova?

Ha.” I slap my hand over my mouth but not before he’s heard my laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” I lie.

“Were you picturing me waking up to ants crawling all over my body? It is pretty funny. I mean, it is now that it’s over. Thank fuck they didn’t bite.”

“No, they just made you jump fully clothed into an ice bath waterfall.”

“Who said I was fully clothed?”

Oh god, now that image is in my head. It consists of a fantasy back and arms and—oh my god—Bobby’s ass. Round, toned and very, very wet.

Fuck. Stop.

“You’re picturing me naked right now, aren’t you?” Bear asks, a low rumble in his voice that makes my dick perk up.

“No.” It’s only a half-lie.

“Sure. Let’s pretend you aren’t. But it wasn’t exactly my finest moment.”

“What would you say is?”

“Hmm,” he murmurs down the line. It’s like a purr from a lion, and I wish I’d agreed to a video chat so that I could have seen his mouth when he made that noise.


textual connections cover; Portrait of sexy handsome man posing in jeans clothes, looking away.Love in No Man’s Land Series, Book 1


I thought I was good with my life in No Man’s Land. Truth be told, I was, until I messaged Bear.

What started as an onlinedebate about coffee vs wine, has become something so much more, it doesn’t even matter that I don’t know his real name and have never seen his face. My daughter doesn’t agree.

She wants me to find someone “real” before she leaves for college, so when the neighborshot brother rolls into town, she’s less than subtle about my single status.

Bobby is a free spirit, man in every town, according to his sister, but that’s not really him.He’s fun, adventurous, kind, and he’s a fantastic flirt, so when the similarities between Bear and Bobby start to align I can hardly believe my luck.

Can my online crush really be the guy next door?


I never wanted to come back to Nomanland, traveling the world is everything to me, but the money has almost run out and I’m in desperate need of a sponsor that doesn’t make me cringe.

My sister thinks I’m crazy for not wanting to settle down, and when I told her about chatting online with Mal she basically gave me the whole catfish creeper tv-special warning and begged me not to try to meet him for real.

Not that Mal would want to come to Nomanland. I can’t see what this small town has to offer anyone, that is until Michael takes it upon himself to show me the beauty of this town I’d chosen to forget.

Michael owns the local café, he’s a fan of puns, is an amazing dad and loves travel, though he’s never actually been anywhere… just like Mal.

I tell myself I must be crazy, because if Michael really is Mal, how long has he known? Was Meg right? Did I come back to Normanland just to get my heart broken, or could Mal really be the happy beginning I never knew I needed?


becca jackson logoBecca Jackson is the author of mm romance stories that deliver heart, heat, and happily ever afters for some totally adorkable and fabulous guys.




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