Today I am so pleased to welcome Eryn Ivers to Joyfully Jay. Eryn has come to talk to us about her latest release, The Alien Infiltrator. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Sebastian closed the door behind him, his hand shaking on the knob, and walked as carefully as he could down the hall. His legs still felt like jelly. His whole body still wanted to melt into a pool of post-orgasmic goo.

He glanced around as he walked, not ready to see anyone yet, feeling like what he and Hess had just done must still be painted all over him, obvious for anyone to see. Well, there were a few smears of cum painted on his chest he hadn’t managed to fully wipe off that he could feel drying, but no one could see those.

He looked down at himself to check, absurd as that was, and scowled. People could certainly see that his buttons were all one off, though. He ducked into a window alcove and behind some drapes to undo and redo them.

Just as he’d gotten the line of buttons undone and was starting to redo them back up, he heard a door open and close and then brisk heavy footsteps that he definitely recognized. Hess was coming this way. Despite what they’d just done, or rather, because of what they’d just done, Sebastian shrank back into the alcove corner.

He tucked himself safely out of sight behind the drapes, careful not to rustle them and give away his position. They had already said their incredibly awkward goodbye; Sebastian had no desire to redo it so soon. So he hid behind some curtains as Hess walked by with the taste of Hess’s cum still on Sebastian’s tongue.

Once he had passed, Sebastian couldn’t help peeking out to watch his departing back.

He really was a very attractive man. Maybe not handsome as such, too stocky and utilitarian, but he had an intense presence and innate command that Sebastian had always found overpowering, even back when Hess was just another soldier.

Command. Sebastian shivered and sat down heavily on the ledge in the alcove. The man certainly had a way with commands. And he seemed to have a particular way of commanding Sebas—

Sebastian shook his head and then dropped it into his hands. There was no time for this. He could play he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not later, if they both survived this. And no, he wouldn’t even play that. That was silly. Hess didn’t love him. Hess…was confusing and probably confused.

Even if he had cried out Sebastian’s name when he’d come as though it were the most natural thing in the world.

No, no, no.

Traitor. Invasion. Defense.


the alien infiltrator coverInterspecies Alliances, Book 3

“He gets under my skin like a splinter. Like shrapnel.”

Leon Hess has just started a war. As the Resistance’s new leader, the only thing that matters to him is driving out the Klah’Eel forces that have occupied his home for decades. He will do whatever it takes, pay whatever cost, deploy whatever tool he must.

But his best tool, the one that makes everything possible, is also the man he can’t bear to look in the eye.

Sebastian is a torvar—a parasitic worm physically capable of body-hopping at will and morally capable of body-stealing with impunity. As the most hated and feared of all races, instead of living a quiet life hiding his nature, Sebastian chose to out himself and use his considerable skills to fight for the land he loves.

But no matter how hard he works himself or how often he risks his life for his country, for the Resistance, for Leon Hess, the man won’t even acknowledge him!

As the war rages around them, Leon and Sebastian will be forced to settle their differences, to form an unstoppable team, and to sacrifice more than they ever imagined.

The Alien Infiltrator is Book 3 in the Interspecies Alliances series and features pining, power dynamics, and plot. It takes place right after—like, right after—The Alien Bodyguard and contains cameos and spoilers for the Bodyguard’s couple (and its big plot twist).


Eryn Ivers logoEryn Ivers writes sci-fi and fantasy erotic romances about flawed men who have hot sex, feel too many things, and eventually live happily ever after.

She lives on the coast of California with her ridiculously lawful-good husband and chaotic-neutral cat.



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