Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella


Vampire Laurent Boudreaux is bored. There is a party going on in the manor and there are many admirers that have come to see him for his looks and his wealth and his considerable charm. The parties are also an excuse for the coven to have fresh meals. But Laurent’s popularity and new role in the parties has him wanting to do just the opposite and take cover, which is what he is doing now…hiding in the library.

Laurent’s solitude is disturbed by a disheveled man who is exhausted and looking for a place to hide and this man is everything Laurent is not supposed to want. Seth has had a difficult night since the moon is full. As a cursed werewolf, life is difficult for Seth, and now he finds himself caught trespassing in the home of a man much above his station and who is also a dangerous predator. The men aren’t supposed to get along and they aren’t supposed to want each other, but this night is just the first step in their relationship.

This book starts the new Full Moon Chronicles series and is only the first installment. Laurent is an intriguing character as he first appears hiding from his own party. He has no interest in being the new darling of society and we get some backstory on him. Laurent comes off as self-assured and confident until Seth stumbles into his home.

Seth is hiding, as something happened to him during the full moon. The attraction between the men is instant and it doesn’t take long for them to act on that attraction. That’s where the story faltered a bit for me as I didn’t feel this strong attraction between them. And then, Laurent becomes the submissive one and there wasn’t enough time to develop their roles. We learn more of Seth’s history as a cursed werewolf, but I needed more on that as well to fully set up this story for me.

This is an ongoing series and the story is left in a “to be continued” style with no indication of when the next book will be available. I would follow along with Laurent and Seth into their next book, as for now there are more questions than answers and I am intrigued enough to see where they go next.