Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel


Shane Maguire is a sous chef in a Michelin-starred restaurant, but he hates his boss and is disenchanted with the job. Shane likes making upscale, simple food and is tired of being screamed at and having mandatory overtime in the locally famous French bistro. He has no life as a result, but Shane won’t walk away because he’s finally earning enough to afford his own apartment, and he doesn’t want to move back in with his parents…again. Shane’s dad encourages him to get a pet, since he can’t find a decent boyfriend, to try and achieve some life balance. Shane goes to a nearby shelter, convinced he can find a sweet pup to love, and instead falls hard for a ginger kitten. Unfortunately, the moment he begins the adoption process, another man–who claims to have found the kitty first–is preparing to adopt the sweet-tempered, green-eyed beauty.

Damian Murphy is a man on a mission: he wants a ginger girl cat, like his gran had, because they are supposedly the sweetest kitties of all. He’s been combing the shelter for months now, and he’s not about to let some random guy steal his destined companion away. Even if he is cute. But, Damian isn’t looking for a man–just a cat. And, when the shelter folks don’t know how to resolve the dilemma, he’s somehow swayed into Shane’s mad idea to co-adopt the cat. It’s ludicrous, until they realize they live in the same building, just a couple of doors away from one another. And, caring for a kitten can be strenuous, so sharing the responsibility makes sense, almost.

Except that Shane and Damian have an instant attraction and their squabble over Meatball is more tension they need to resolve. They are both lonely, and the companionship they sought with Meatball is magnified by the time they spend together. It’s so cute, and awkward. And, they each have some abandonment issues to address, and hurts to overcome. Meatball is there each step of the way, ensuring her cat daddies are not only pampering her, but satisfying themselves. Okay, so she’s maybe just a cat with all the whimsy they possess, but she is adorable, and their mutual love for a tiny kitten absolutely bonds them in a way that’s frightening, particularly for Damien, who tends to lock himself down because people always hurt him.

I really liked this one. It’s so outrageous in concept–strangers adopting an animal together and finding love–but it was sensibly handled, and the romance develops out of weeks of connection, and lots of conflict. Meatball is adorable, and these two guys competing for her affection with treats and special bedding and all? Swoon. I giggled lots over their endearing silliness. It’s got a touch of steam, but not much for a New Adult romance. I loved both MCs’ parents, even though they aren’t on the page too much, because they are so stalwartly in their sons’ corners, and had a matchmaking scheme planned before they learned about the cat adoption snafu.

If you enjoy New Adult romance, and over-the-top pet parents, this one is a sweet and sassy read that really gave me the smiles. Definitely recommend.