Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella


Reindeer-shifter Cupid is in charge of running the matchmaking service for denizens of the North Pole. He prides himself on his professionalism, so Cupid’s dismayed that Mr. Remy Shannon is having so much trouble with the service, to the point of rudely walking out on his carefully selected dates. As it turns out, Remy is a throwback shifter, the last of his kind and quite old in human years. He’s desperate to find a fated mate, because only that person will be physically able to carry his offspring. Remy knows his mate won’t be his exact species of shifter, but believes an omega reindeer is likely to suit, if one still exists. He’s not interested in any romantic partner who isn’t interested in settling down–quickly.

After centuries of matching, Cupid doesn’t believe in the archaic “fated mates” ideology. He hopes to get to know Remy a bit more in order to find him a more suitable dating partner. The only hitch is that by the end of their first meeting, Remy is certain Cupid is his fated mate. While he’s scared to spook Cupid, the chemistry between them is intense.

In short order, Cupid unexpectedly bends to his base instinct, fairly mauling a very willing Remy. But it’s not all hearts and flowers. Remy’s heart is not happy with the situation because Cupid continues to deny their mate status. It’s not until Cupid gets a big surprise that he’s able to acknowledge their connection, and build the rapport both men need.

I will honestly say I was confused, mistaking Cupid the reindeer (shifter) with the Roman god of love, thinking this would be a Valentine’s read. Instead, it’s a short and sweet, low angst, fated-mates romance between two unusual shifters who find love just in time for Christmas. The pacing is swift, with a nod to the physical issues both men suffer as a result of their incomplete bonding. I loved how Santa intercedes, in a jolly way. Remy is such a romantic soul, and Cupid is initially clueless, but appropriately contrite. The happily ever after is tender, with an adorable ending.