Rating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novella


After being bitten by a rogue wolf one night, Billy’s life has … well, changed. And so does he. Three nights out of the month, he ends up running on four legs. Strangely, for all that he dislikes the lack of control, Billy finds his new life almost pleasant. He hunts when he’s hungry, runs when he’s full of energy, and sleeps when he’s tired. Lately, though, Billy has begun to sense he’s not alone in the woods. Somewhere out there is another predator; somewhere out there is another wolf.

Well, it turns out to be three wolves. Three wolves who turn into three hot, horny men who, just like Billy, have a little something special about them. And they see something special in Billy, too, if only he’d give into them.

This novella is very well balanced with a tightly focused plot and some creative world building. The four characters are sketched out decently enough to get a feel for them: Luc is as steady and calm as his Earth element, Jaques is as yielding as Water, and Steven is as warm and passionate as Fire. And then there’s Billy, tempestuous and fretful.

For what it is, this is an easy read, with the focus on the athletic sexcapades and Billy having to learn his place in the new hierarchy. The author’s writing style is a bit spare, but it works with the story being told. If you’re into shifters and polyamory, you might enjoy this story.

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