Today I am so pleased to welcome Dann Hazel to Joyfully Jay. Dann has come to talk to us about his latest release, Room for Dessert. He has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Dann a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

The movie ended, though Sebastian and Aladdin wondered where the time (and plot, to which they’d paid little attention) had gone. Neither man could provide an accurate synopsis if their lives depended on it. They hardly knew that what titillation was occurring in their theatre seats closely paralleled the film’s storyline. A hotbed of desire, of longing, and an adventure to end longing with satisfaction. Over time, desire and longing would take flight, again and again. The process, repetitive to be sure, and yet seductive, explosive and novel each and every time.

Aladdin’s left arm interwoven with Sebastian’s right, the pair exited the theater. They paused at the fountain outside the cinema—as though the sound of cascading water aroused passion—turned to one another, embraced.

And then kissed.

A long, passionate kiss. Lips soft and velvety. Yet, a latent aggression barely detectable to undergird that wonderful kiss rose and compelled a surly tourist to yell: “Get a room, boys!”

The emotional distance over which Sebastian had despaired when he called on Aladdin at his parents’ condo had completely dissipated.

“Are you hungry?” Aladdin asked.

“Not very much, actually.” And yet Aladdin noticed a penetrating hunger—of a different kind—in Sebastian’s brown eyes. “What about you?”

Aladdin pressed himself against Sebastian’s body. They chuckled at two young girls who said, in sing-song unison: “Awwww.”


When the doorbell rang, Sebastian was fully dressed—except for pulling a tight cotton tee-shirt over his head, smoothing it carefully to accentuate his nipples, which remained forever hard whenever he wore this, his favorite shirt. It would, however, be a lie to ignore his serious consideration to answer the door sans shirt; Aladdin loved Sebastian’s hirsute torso. Perhaps that hairy enticement would lead more quickly into the lovemaking for which Sebastian had lathered himself into readiness.

But. No.

Aladdin crossed the threshold with a heady issue, as he confided when he called. It would be inherently disrespectful to even imply that carnal satisfaction might provide part of the issue’s resolution.

Sebastian opened the front door. Without a word, Aladdin stormed inside. He began to pace the living room, back and forth, as a cornered wild animal might do.

Aladdin, full of rage. Full of despair. In a frustrating, meandering stream of consciousness, he told Sebastian his father’s story, his father’s sins.


room for dessert coverSome Like It Haute, Book 1

In this “tasteful” HEA gay romance, not all of the action occurs in the best restaurants!

For almost ten years, Sebastian and Matt lived happily together as romantic partners.

Then, Bobby enters the picture and Matt’s infidelity tears Sebastian’s world apart. For a long time, Sebastian has no appetite for a second course of romance.

That is, until Aladdin casts his unexpected spell during drinks at a tapas and cocktails bar.

Sebastian hadn’t bargained for how sweet a second round of love could be!

Then, something happens. A tragedy which sends Matt back into Sebastian’s life, begging for a second chance.

Hungry for love, Sebastian faces an impossible choice. Should he pick Matt, the man who betrayed him?

Or Aladdin, the troubled man whose family roils in a scathing public scandal?

Tropes: Second Chance Romance, Coming Out, Foodies and Chefs

Trigger Warning: One chapter in this novel focuses on a parent’s suicide.


Dann Hazel has been writing both fiction and nonfiction for more than twenty years. Besides writing, he has taught English on the high school level and psychology on the college level. He has also directed grants and worked as a therapist in a psychiatric hospital. His fiction genre interests include thrillers, horror and gay romance.

Personal interests include reading and writing, cinema, running, Broadway, keeping up with current events and travel.

Dann lives in Central Florida with his husband, Josh, and their American Eskimo dog, Flurry.

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