Today I am so pleased to welcome Michael Robert to Joyfully Jay. Michael has come to talk to us about his latest release, Suddenly, Last Summer. He has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving him a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

“Hey, guys,” he shouted as we got near the cabin. Unfortunately, the path that led to the store and office was between cabins #11 and #12. “What brings you studs to Eastern Washington? Sort of out of your stomping grounds, ain’t ya?” he added in the most masculine voice he could muster.

Skippy was an outrageous tease and probably didn’t understand the impact he was most likely having on a group of horny city gays who had gone rogue and were seeking a countrified adventure.

“We would have been here a whole hell of a lot sooner had we known the two of you were visiting too,” a tall muscular guy said.

“We ain’t visiting, boys,” Skippy announced. He raised his arms and motioned around the resort. “We live right here at the resort. Full time.”

Several hoots and whistles sounded as they looked at each other and then back at us.

“What’s the chance either one of you likes guys?” a cute Asian guy in the group asked as he stepped to the deck rail, peering down at us with yearning on his face.

Skippy pointed to me. “Him, but you never know about me, boys,” he teased. “I can be a tad impressionable.”

“Well, the two of you are making an impression on us,” another guy yelled from within the group.

They all laughed and high-fived. All it did was encourage Skippy to be his usual irredeemable self.


suddenly last summer coverTREY BARNES

I professed my love for Jordy when I was seventeen. He was leaving for his last year of medical school after working another summer at my family’s Banks Lake resort in the Pacific Northwest.

Desperate for him to know how I felt even though he was my older brother’s best friend, and fearing that he wouldn’t return after that summer, I decided to take the plunge and admit my feelings while I had the chance.

As the adult in the situation, Jordy wisely chose to discount my confession as simply a teenage crush. But my last spoken words to him were that I’d wait patiently for him.

And I always kept my promises.



I’d been away from my small hometown for nearly five years. Life and a stressful medical residency had kept me busy, but I finally returned to fulfill my best-man duties for my best friend’s upcoming wedding.

His younger brother, Trey, was a sweet, sensitive kid when I left years ago. The shy, lean teenager who’d tearfully professed his love for me my last summer there had grown into a sexy, confident man. I was intrigued by what I saw, though I probably should have walked away again.

Had he actually waited for me to return? Did I hope he had? He was nine years my junior and my best friend’s little brother. But he could be so much more.

After five long years, it was suddenly last summer.


Michael Robert is an author residing in Seattle, Washington. The Crow Flies Free is his debut novel. Michael enjoys traveling and he aspires to visit the locations of his upcoming novels so as to provide vivid and accurate descriptions of them. He enjoys tennis, road trips and fast cars. Please look for his future projects, the next story coming soon.

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