Today I am so pleased to welcome Katherine McIntyre to Joyfully Jay. Katherine has come to talk to us about her latest release, Twilight Heist. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Two days later, Leo found himself at the front door of the Outlaws’ penthouse, which looked quite different when he wasn’t crashing into Tuck’s mouth for swollen kisses every five seconds. This visit reminded him more of the first time he’d come here—with Dan, when his best friend still worked as the brand-new CEO for Torres Industries and they were going to confront the criminal who’d later become his boyfriend. Crazier things had happened.

Leo hooked his thumb in the pocket of his slacks. He was still wearing his work attire after another long day at the company he had been actively trying to leave ever since Dan stepped down from being the CEO. No offense to Vanessa, Dan’s sister and his current boss, but he was over the whole organization.

The door creaked open, and Leo swallowed his tongue.

Tuck stood in the entryway, his black tank stretched tight over the defined muscles of his chest and a pair of black sweats low on his hips. With his dark curls glossy and wet because he’d clearly come from the shower, Leo couldn’t help but salivate. Those coffee-colored eyes sparked with banked heat, and the long lashes framing them along with the dark scruff along his slender chin had Leo standing there like an idiot, staring at the guy.

Get it together, Kennedy.

“Heard you were joining our little entourage for this,” Tuck said, leaning against the doorway, the casual confidence sparking Leo’s bloodstream to life.

“What can I say? You guys always find the most interesting jobs,” Leo responded dryly. Truth be told, he was eager for any more scraps of information about Tucker Hennings, and that in and of itself created a problem. “Planning on letting me in?”

Tuck’s gaze scorched as it traveled his body from head to toe. Leo’s cock responded to the perusal at once, even though he should’ve been forgetting about him and moving the hell on. “Any time you like,” he said, his tone dripping with intent.

Leo swallowed. Well, shit. He hadn’t expected that in the slightest.

It wasn’t just the insinuation that Leo hadn’t anticipated—Tuck came across as a toppy bastard, especially considering the way he’d bossed him around the other night—but also the fact that his body was still having a serious reaction to his flirtation.

“Don’t tempt me,” Leo responded, keeping his tone level even while his pulse jumped all over the place. He could flirt on autopilot any day of the week.

Tuck pushed up from the door in a fluid motion and pivoted on his heel to stride into the penthouse. Leo couldn’t help but watch that ass sway as he walked behind his tight, muscled perfection.


twilight heist coverOutlaws, Book 2

Heist rule number two? Never fall for a lone wolf.

A blast from Tuck’s circus past draws Tuck and the charming lone-wolf hacker, Leo, into a dizzying web of passion, secrets, and betrayal.

When the circus comes calling, Tuck is helpless to the lure, and this time, his old troupe’s in trouble. Their attempt to leave Reynauld Industries ended with a hit on them, courtesy of the deadly mercenary group, the Stockyard. Tuck can’t sit idly by, and as the resident stealth operator for the Outlaws, he’s in a unique position to help.

Leo’s a lone wolf hacker, and no amount of his best friend’s pleading, Tuck’s flirty smiles, or interesting jobs will sway him into working with the Outlaws. At least, until they land this one. After growing up in the hellish Stockyard, he’s wanted to take them down for years, and this is the Holy Grail of opportunities. Only problem? The Outlaws can never know about his history with them.

When Leo and Tuck start working together, a chemistry emerges that neither of them can deny. Leo’s mantra of “one and done” falters the moment Tuck shows him a care and steadfastness he’s never experienced before, and the more time they spend with each other, the more he doesn’t want to give up the first man he’s started to fall for. However, if the Outlaws discover his past or the Stockyard finds him first, Leo will end up one of the bloated corpses they’ve left lining the Chicago River.


katherine mcintyre bio photoKatherine McIntyre is a feisty chick with a big attitude despite her short stature. She writes stories featuring snarky women, ragtag crews, and men with bad attitudes—and there’s an equally high chance for a passionate speech thrown into the mix. As an eternal geek and tomboy who’s always stepped to her own beat, she’s made it her mission to write stories that represent the broad spectrum of people out there, from different cultures and races to all varieties of men and women.


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