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Length: Novella


Remi is a vampire courier who transports magical objects and important information. He is in a bar in Hungary, waiting to pick up a talisman he is to deliver to the City Master of the Boston Bloodclan, when he spies a gorgeous university student chatting nearby with friends. Remi can’t take his eyes off the man, and when they get to talking, there is enough mutual interest that Remi brings him back to his hotel for the night.

As a part fae, Celyn is used to people being drawn in by his looks, but he and Remi spark a real connection. The night between them is amazing… until they end up being attacked. It seems like the talisman Remi holds has drawn the attention of the High Council of Sorcery and they are determined to get their hands on it at any cost. Now, Remi and Celyn are on the run in Budapest, hoping to stay one step ahead of the Council until they can get the talisman into the hands of the City Master. And along the way, they may just realize how right they are for one another.

I am always excited for the chance to step back into Sheena Jolie’s world of the Beacon Hill Sorcerer series, and the larger Infinite Arcana universe. Blood Omen was previously released as a free story as part of a year-long giveaway, and has now been re-released for sale. According to Jolie (who formerly wrote as S.J. Himes), this one is officially book 5.5 in the Beacon Hill Sorcerer series and we do get some crossover, with appearances by Constantine and Isaac. So fans of the series should enjoy getting to know Remi and Celyn, who will appear in the next Beacon Hill book, but new readers should also be able to enjoy an introduction to the series here.

This one is a novella, so not as expansive as most of the books in the series so far in terms of plot and world building. But we do build on the series threads in terms of the threats from the Council, along with connecting the guys with Isaac and Constantine (Remi’s sire and Constantine are sort of vampire siblings/cousins). We also get some nice scenes throughout Budapest and Jolie takes advantage of the setting to give the story some additional details that bring it to life.

The story provides an introduction to both men and the chemistry between them, as well as showing us their hot night together. There is an easy connection to go along with the attraction, and we get enough development to see these guys as more than just a hookup. This story brings Ceyln and Remi to a nice HFN ending, with clear interest from both of them in pursuing more. So I think it comes together well between them without forcing a relationship in their short time together, but still leaving me feeling like there is something solid building between them.

This is a shorter story, but there is enough here to please series fans and introduce new readers to this world. I am a huge fan of these books and loved having a chance to jump back in to this world, even if only briefly. I look forward to see how Remi and Celyn end up joining the group for the next book and can’t wait for more.

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