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Length: Novel


Chloé is nineteen, but her fathers still treat her as a little girl. Sure, she is the executive chef at JULIEN, but in her private life, Chloé is still sneaking out of the house to avoid the overprotectiveness of her three fathers. When she sneaks out to go to a sex club with her cousin, it’s just to watch, but she catches the eye of the two owners, Ethan and Zayne.

Ethan and Zayne have been together for years and they are everything to each other. They only play with others when they are together and it’s there that Zayne’s dominant side comes out. Otherwise, he switches, but the only person Zayne will submit for is Ethan. Ethan always likes to be in control and he can read Zayne’s body perfectly after all these years and their personal and business lives are perfect.

Ethan doesn’t like to be thrown off guard. But when he sees red-headed Chloé, he knows he wants her to be his and Zayne’s third. They know Chloé has no experience in the scene and they know she hasn’t even fully embraced her submissive side and they will have a lot of fun training her. But Chloé changes the dynamic between Ethan and Zayne and adds something new to their relationship—something never man knew they were looking for.

This is sort of new series from Ella Frank that is still part of the Confessions universe, with the main character being Chloé, the daughter of Priest, Robbie, and Julien. When we last saw her, she was a toddler and she is now 19. She has lived a somewhat socially sheltered life as her fathers are overprotective. This was expected given who her fathers are, but Chloé felt it necessary to sneak out of the house to have a social life and it seemed the only place she could freely go was work and it came across as too much for me.

Chloé’s first night at the club has her meeting the owners, Ethan and Zayne, and they certainly want a taste of her. Ethan and Zayne bring a third into their bed sometimes, but not for any extended period of time. With Chloé, they want more than one night. Ethan and Zayne have been in a relationship for years and we see their first meeting in a brief flashback, but we don’t get to see them build their relationship or explore the extensive kinks we are told they have. We do see how committed and perfect they are for each other. The push each other and bring out the best in each other and give each other exactly what they need at exactly the time they need it. Chloé is a novice to the kink world and the men want nothing more than to train her and show her the rewards of submission.

Frank always writes great heated scenes and the intimate times show the chemistry and how the trio finds their way at first. The relationship with Chloé does move fast in some ways, but it then works to move the story along. The kink that is shown here is basic and some of that was for Chloé’s benefit. However, we are told often the deep history the men have with each other, but only a touch of that is shown in their intimate scenes.

The book is titled Ethan, which led me to believe that this would be his book. But we get POVs from all three characters, with the least from Ethan, and I felt I knew Ethan the least at the end. There is still a lot of story to be told as they find their way into a new relationship while dealing with Zayne’s senator father, Ethan’s troubled childhood, and Chloé’s three fathers. It was fun getting small glimpses of Priest, Julien, and Robbie. I will be looking forward to the next book, Zayne, and watching their story evolve.

Joyfully Jay