Story Rating: 3.5 stars
Audio Rating: 4 stars

Narrator: Javi Wilder
Length: 6 hours, 33 minutes

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As first impressions go, spilling a box of silken lingerie and generously sized dildos at the feet of his brother’s best friend is not exactly what Owen wanted. Now, Fox has an impression of Owen, an impression of him being … well, bolder. Braver. More sexually active and more sexually knowledgeable than he really is. Owen isn’t even out to his brother yet, and his brother’s best friend — his handsome, gorgeous, hot best friend who Owen may or may not have a tiny little crush on— can’t help but have ideas about Owen. Ideas Owen has no hopes of living up to.

Fox hasn’t seen Owen in a few years, ever since the kid went off to college. Looking at him now, he sees the cute face and the cute blush, and now he’s stuck imagining how he looks in those cute panties. But Owen’s off limits. He’s a friend, one of the few Fox has. Besides, Reggie, his best friend and Owen’s brother, would probably kill him. So it’s off to work with a wink and a grin.

Work, though, comes with its own issues, as pictures surface of Fox fooling around with a handsome drummer and the daughter of some big name exec. The label wants him to clean up his act, and when pictures of he and Owen standing outside the house — dildo in one hand, panties spilled on the ground — come out, it’s suggested that he take the kid on a few dates to cover up the rumors. A nice, clean cut boyfriend would go a long way to taming the wild child reputation Fox has.

But what happens when the fake dating turns into something … else? The chemistry between them is explosive, and so is the sex. But how to tell Reggie that Fox is sleeping with his little brother? And, worse, what happens when one of them starts catching feelings?

Filthy Sweet is the first book in the Love Unexpected series and features cum play, panties, role play, name calling, toys, public sex, and a lot of sex in general. For Owen, his early sexual exploits weren’t very thrilling. He lost his virginity to a girlfriend, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. His second time was with a man, and it was both the best and worst experience he’d had. First, the orgasm was mind blowing, so much so that Owen gave into the pleasure of it. When his partner saw what Owen enjoyed the taste of his own cum, he first laughed, then mocked, and then bailed, leaving Owen ashamed of his own desires.

Fortunately, Fox thinks that’s hot. Well, he also wants to go beat the crap out of the guy who did that to Owen, but he also wants to see Owen so lost in the moment that he’s that open and that blissed out with Fox. Fox has a few kinks of his own, and as he and Owen spend more time together, flirting and fucking, the two men begin exploring what they enjoy together. (And the panties. Not to spoil the moment, but the grand reveal of the panty kink was just cute.)

Fox dropped out of high school in order to pursue his music career, and discovered that he’s actually good at what he does. But it’s also left him feeling insecure about his own intelligence. Fox has a number of self worth issues thanks to a broken home and a lack of a supportive family. Riley, though, Owen’s brother, has always been there for him as a friend, and as the truest form of family. And losing Riley as a friend is something Fox just can’t do, but at the same time he’s falling in love with Owen. And that’s the least of the burdens on his shoulders as someone’s trying to poach his star clients by revealing to the world that he was a sex worker as a young man, before he signed with his label. The same label that might end up firing him.

The story moves through the slightly predictable twists and turns, which is fine as the focus isn’t on the plot. It’s on the people. It’s on Owen, overcoming his shame and guilt over the kinks he enjoys, on Fox learning that he doesn’t need to prove himself to the people he loves, and the both of them trusting each other. I was fortunate enough to listen to the audio book version of this story, narrated by Javi Wilder, who did a really good job with Fox’s brittle defensiveness and Owen’s determined cheerfulness. His delivery was even, smooth, and easy to listen to, and I look forward to hearing more of his work.

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