Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel


Tripp and Lee have been close friends for a while. With Tripp a firefighter and Lee a paramedic, they understand the pressures of the other’s job. Recently though, their relationship has changed. Lee is a Dominant and he has never had nor wanted a romantic relationship with his submissives. Tripp has never been a submissive, but the yearnings have always been there and, when he and Lee form an arrangement, it is almost everything Tripp has ever wanted. Tripp has been in love with Lee, while desperately trying to hide his feelings so he doesn’t ruin their friendship, but Tripp has no idea that Lee is in love with him as well and struggling with keeping his emotions in check.

Coming up with a safe word and a list of mutual kinks and consent is no issue for these guys and Lee shows Tripp scenes out of his wildest fantasies. But having an emotional relationship and more between them is not something either man knows how to ask for. The chemistry and heat between them is hot, now they just have to get their feelings sorted out before they burn each other out.

I find it interesting sometimes where books start. Fire & Ice begins with Tripp and Lee already the best of friends and having taken their relationship into a friends with benefits with a BDSM spin. We don’t get to see their initial bond develop or when they took their relationship physical, but we do get a little information on that as the story progresses.

There were many things working for me with Fire & Ice. I liked that Tripp and Lee were already so close and were both mostly on the same page. Lee is a Dominant and although Tripp has never been a submissive before, he’s all in. Tripp trusts Lee and for Lee, Tripp is everything he’s wanted. Tripp likes the release of not having to make decisions and Lee likes to get out of his head and be in control to decompress from his job as an EMT. Both men see trauma daily and they understand each other on many levels.

What they don’t understand is that they each are in love with other. Sure it takes some time to come to terms with it and sure all their friends see it, but Tripp and Lee need to get there on their own. There are some missteps along the way as they try to balance keeping what they have without showing their true feelings for each other. But the physical part of their relationship is on fire and the men spend their time exploring everything their new roles can offer them.

I really liked the story this book was telling and the writing in general. However, I did have some issues with the book. The book is long—430 pages long. I didn’t feel it needed to be that long. The author clearly writes information on being a firefighter and an EMT, and while I like detail in books, at times there was too much detail on many topics. We see both men at their jobs on calls, we get backstory on almost everyone they come into contact with, and there is an abundance of descriptions on every page. It made for a long read that I would have liked to have been tightened up with more focus.

I am generally not fond of grand gestures in books, but Tripp and Lee get it right for their circumstances and it really was great seeing them find their way and get their HEA. This is the only book I can find from this author and, if more were to become available, I would certainly check them out.

Joyfully Jay