Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel


Alexander Jefferson has a busy life. He has a business, a wife, seven daughters, multiple siblings, lots of nieces, a father with health concerns, and an estranged mother. Still, when Lucas Laverty shows up at a polyamory party, Al knows he wants to find a way to have more with this man.

Lucas’ life isn’t quite as busy as Al’s. While he does have a wife and daughter and a career as a nurse, he has room in his life for Al. But after schedule conflicts and interrupted dates, Lucas isn’t sure that he and Al are on the same page. Lucas also has his own journey to travel and he looks to reconnect with the father he hasn’t seen in years.

Al knows all about having to redirect, but he now needs to consider Lucas in his plans in a way that makes sense for Lucas. Lucas has his own ideas of how he wants things to be and when communication starts to break down, Lucas and Al will have to charter a new course if they want to be a part of each other’s lives.

Sander Santiago is a new author for me and I liked the style he presented here with The Speed of Slow Changes. The title is referenced within the book and it really speaks to the life these guys have lived and how change happens slowly over time until you can see it.

Al is front and center as the book opens and he has an entertaining way about him. His last name is Jefferson and his siblings are Thomas, John Adams, and Betsy Ross. Between him and his siblings, they have 15 daughters and life moves quickly around Al. He’s happily married to his wife, Dani, and their relationship has always been open. They have their self-defined rules and they are secure in the relationship they have with each other. Dani is completely supportive of Al’s interest in Lucas, but Al’s life is filled to the max. Lucas was raised by his two mothers. He knew his father when he was a child, but has had no contact with  him for years, and that has left a huge hole in his life. His wife is also supportive of his relationship with Al and helps him navigate his feelings.

Al and Lucas are the focus of the book here and they are figuring out a relationship, but the story is also about their lives and different obstacles and journeys they need to overcome or make peace with. They want to be together, that is for sure, but there is a lot to navigate with their respective lives and schedules, but also within themselves. Al’s family does not know he has an open marriage and they do not know he is bisexual. There is targeted homophobia and racism, as Lucas is a person of color, within the family, as well as in the small Georgia town where they live.

The book covers a lot of story for both Al and Lucas, while evolving their relationship in a way that can work for them. The ending left them in a great place, but I also felt like it could be a continuing series with more adventures for the two of them or an additional book for at least one secondary character. I would certainly read more about Al and Lucas, and I will also be on the lookout for more stories from this author.