Today I am so pleased to welcome A.M. Johnson to Joyfully Jay. A.M. has come to talk to us about her latest release, Meet Me in the Blue. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Rook was standing by the sink, shirtless and wet and laughing while he dragged a towel over miles of warm brown skin and muscle. My eyes snagged on the light smattering of hair on his chest, and how it trailed to his stomach and vanished below the waist of his jeans. He was beautiful and strong lines, cuts and angles, and Jesus, he had abs. I didn’t remember him ever looking this hot without a shirt. I tried to rake through all of the teenaged, lustful, jock fantasies I’d had about him when I was younger and came up empty. Nothing could have prepared me for the man standing in front of me.

“Honey?” My mom stared at me, and I forced myself to breathe, to say something.

Unfortunately, all I could muster was a sputtered one-word answer. “N-naked.”

“What?” Rook gave me a worried look.

I held my forehead and stared at the wall. “No… not naked-naked, but why?” I waved a hand in Rook’s general direction and pinched the bridge of my nose as my face flushed with heat. I’d bet my life my cheeks were the color of a ripe tomato. Fuck. Apparently, somewhere between the living room and the kitchen I’d lost the ability to form a coherent sentence. “Why are you without shirt, shirtless, all…” I waved my hand again. “Like that.”

“Are you feeling alright?” By the tone of my mother’s voice, I could tell she wasn’t sure if she should laugh or be genuinely concerned. I outright refused to look at Rook. “Sit down before you hurt yourself. You’ve been running all day and—”

“I’m fine, Mom, I was just…” What? Caught off guard? By my best friend’s abs? Platonically, of course. “What’s going on? Why is Rook all… wet?”

“I might’ve accidentally turned on the water too soon while he was still tightening the pipe.” She gave him a sheepish smile. “You know me, I have the patience of a two-year-old.”

Rook set the towel on the counter, and against my better judgment, I turned to look at him.

“The pipe shouldn’t cause you anymore trouble,” he said and picked up his soaking-wet shirt, wringing it out over the sink. “I added enough plumber’s tape to last you a lifetime.”


Meet me in the Blue coverHemlock Harbor, Book 1

Meet me… in the place where the sun kisses the horizon and sinks into blue shades of you and me.

Meet me there… where everything was always perfect. You and me and the damp grass at dawn and the gray dirt in the late evening rain.

Meet me where we were ourselves and not these two people who can’t even say I love you.

Meet me there and maybe we’ll remember…

We’ll remember the us we were before them, before miles, before lost hours, and you’ll ask what color the sky is, and I’ll say blue like your eyes.

And you’ll smile, and I’ll forget I ever missed you.


Luka and Rook have been best friends since they were nine years old.

Five years ago, Luka threw it all away.

When his dad’s health takes a turn for the worst, Luka must come home to say his goodbyes and mend the bridges he burned all those years ago. But coming home is harder than he imagined, and after reuniting with his family, there’s only one person he needs.


His best friend.

The one man he pushed away, the one man, no matter how hard he tried to forget, he can’t stop himself from loving.

Even if loving him means breaking his heart all over again.

Meet Me in the Blue is a stand alone, best friends to lovers, second chance, demi-awakening, MM romance, with a whole lot of small town heart, meddling moms, gossiping townies, self-discovery, a friendship forged of forts, Dungeons and Dragons, and a love that will stand the test of time.


Amanda is an award winning and best selling author of LGBTQIA and contemporary romance and fiction. She lives in Utah with her family where she moonlights as a nurse on the weekends and hikes in the mountains as much as possible.

If she’s not busy with her three munchkins, you’ll find her buried in a book or behind the keyboard where she explores the human experience through the written word, exploring all spectrums and genres.

She’s obsessed with all things Hockey, Austen, and Oreos, and loves to connect with readers!

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