Today I am so pleased to welcome Deonne Dane to Joyfully Jay. Deonne has come to talk to us about her release, Seer Quest. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

The warrior fixed his sneering gaze on Meran. “I see you,” he called ominously as he swiped a hand over the wound on his face. Blood smeared across his rugged cheek.

Meran swallowed hard, the reality of the man more intimidating than any recurring vision he’d had of this sandy-haired giant. Visions that had haunted him since that fateful day in spring. The day that had turned Meran’s world on its head.

He stiffened his back and gathered his determination. His purpose could not be deflected by his apprehension.

The Mavish bent, grasped the severed arm, and flung it. With an audible gasp, the crowd surged aside as meat and bone flashed through the air.

Ellom ducked, and Jon cursed as he jumped clear. Trusting the warrior’s aim, Meran held his ground, though his stomach churned as the grisly limb landed at his feet.

“A trophy for your mercy, little brother.” The warrior grinned. Ignoring everyone, he collected his shield and made his way through the enforcers and his fellow competitors. Without a backward glance, he disappeared through the darkened exit beneath the spectators’ stand.

Meran kept his eye upon that phantom, the echo of the man’s presence like a shimmer of heat. “I see you too, man of Mavish,” he whispered, “and I am not afraid.” The telltale tingle of admiration built within him as he thought of the warrior’s forceful bearing. Still, it spurred on a rising unease.

Fate commanded he come to the Shimmering Fields to hire this sword—and what a sword it was—but why would such a man as this bow to his demands? They were not clan and far from equals.

Men of the Mavish’s ilk were their own masters. Meran knew from bitter experience, they were oft self-absorbed and untrustworthy. But his quest demanded the presence, the allegiance, of this warrior, or it was doomed to fail. That could never happen. Ever.


Seer Quest coverThe Books of Locurnia, Book 3

A fledgling seer. A cataclysmic vision. Can he convince the fated warrior to stand between their people and impending doom?

Meran Durante is on a knife’s edge. Tormented by the visions of Locurnia burning, and the horrific fate of Patrice, his beloved sister, Meran confronts the one man destined to stop the slaughter. Yet facing the fascinating, but ruthless, Leon Ricci, a perilous attraction sparking between them morphs to dangerous contention, bringing all Meran’s plans crashing down.

Fear laces Lord Marshal Leon Ricci’s rage. His rising interest for the handsome Durante withers at the youth’s blatant attempt to suborn him with knowledge no man should possess. Secrets that would leave his clan, and all he cares for, in jeopardy.

With time running short before Lord Ricci returns to his stronghold, Meran fears he’ll be unable to alter the magnetic man’s misconceptions before the future’s deadly events overwhelm them all.

Can Meran bring the implacable Ricci to heel or will his mistake force Leon to reject taking that first step on the quest destined to save their world?

Seer Quest Covenant is the action-packed first book in the LGBTQ Seer Quest Tetralogy: Legend of the Ancients, Books of Locurnia Fantasy series. If you like epic quests, fantasy laced with high heat romance, and clashing protagonists then you’ll love this magic-filled adventure.


deonne dane avatarBorn in New Zealand, Deonne grew up on a diet of genie’s and witches and space adventure. Not vampires, not then anyway, they were too scary. Back in that day they definitely didn’t sparkle.

She spent hours scribbling her version of fanfic in exercise books, on lined refill and coloured notepaper. But then she discovered epic fantasy; Eddings, Kerr, Donaldson & Brooks and felt she had come home.

Later, as happens with most people, she let herself be diverted by the mundanity of adulthood; marriage, widowhood, remarriage, children, separation and even earthquakes, until she remembered the thing she was missing. Thus began her journey into the world of Locurnia.

With family in the queer community and her developing passion for all things MM she decided to marry these two loves together.


To celebrate Deonne’s new release, we are giving an eset of the Books of Locurnia series! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

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