Today I am so pleased to welcome Kashel Char to Joyfully Jay. Kashel has come to talk to us about their latest release, The Brawl King. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving them a big welcome!


Exclusive Excerpt

Eryn and his brothers were born three to five years before the Doomsday of 2046 AD.

Three years after Doomsday, the story of the Men of Phoenix begins.

Five Years after Doomsday, the marriage of Mika and Connor takes place.

Six Years after Doomsday, the Big Flood happens and on that same day, the Romanov twins are born, marking it as the Year of the Twins: 1 A.T.

6 A.T. The Brawl King—begins.


The brawl king audio coverNarrated by Jonathan Waters

New Beginnings, Book 2

Time to face the truth. We are not alone.

South Africa, 21 A.T., was like Antarctica, cold, dark, and barren. Nothing should be able to survive in the Brawl’s nest, but it did.

Enjoy an epic rescue mission led by Gen. Brad McCormick, who uncovers and retrieves so much more than their abducted children from the gold mines in South Africa. Millennia-old secrets and the answers to the true origin of humans. DNA manipulation, rocketry, and moon landings are seemingly everyday occurrences, except no one informed Phoenix about it. Mika and Connor struggle to come to terms with their twins’ infatuation with their abductor, who has a spell on them. Maybe it’s Stockholm Syndrome, but one thing is for sure, Eryn’s double-dipping, and he wants both twins. He will go to lengths to please them simultaneously. Sharing comes naturally to Ivan and Cian; it’s like sharing an ice cream.

What to expect:

  • M/M/M Science Fiction Paranormal Romance.
  • Abduction/Rescue Mission.
  • DNA Manipulated Frog People.
  • Rebirth of Anunnaki and Anubis.
  • Rebirth of Atlantis, only now it’s called Phoenix.
  • Rebirth of Life in Space.

WARNING: This book contains graphic scenes of imprisonment, violence, blood, and gore. Expect to hear male/male/male sex between consenting adults, all eighteen years of age or older. Sensitive readers triggered by violence and hot sex may want to skip or tread carefully. This book is not intended for people under eighteen years of age or anyone offended by gay sex.

This novel can be read as a standalone.


kashel char avatarKashel Char means Castle Black. Chosen for the obvious reason that Kashel is a Game Of Thrones fan.

“I found it surprisingly beautiful. In a brutal, horribly uncomfortable sort of way.”?Tyrion Lannister to Janos Slynt

Kashel resides in the southern parts of the Rocky Mountains of BC, Canada. Co-writer and author of dark and ominous characters.

Kashel creates worlds centered around gay characters who are perhaps a tiny bit sick and twisted – but in an appealing way. Worlds where Anti-Heroes are born and peppered with taboo kinks and sexy, foul-mouthed lovers who struggle and strive for a life filled with humor, pleasure, and freedom. Who doesn’t?

Their stories reflect not only Kashel’s wild and erotic imagination but also pieces from their day-to-day life.

Kashel likes to keep busy. Their love for writing started out early in life, writing poems and their life’s philosophies in their spare time. Kashel loves being creative, and learning new things is exciting to them. They have studied internationally and pursued a string of careers, believing that after three years, a person becomes stagnant and boredom sets in, which kills the soul. To name a few examples; Kashel worked as an Architectural Model Builder, a Registered Nurse, a Healthcare Information Manager, and a Clinical Researcher. In their spare time, Kashel loves listening to 18 + Male/Male audiobooks and designing book covers. Pronoun: They/Them Gender Fluid

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To celebrate the audio release of The Brawl King, Kashel is giving you the chance to win an audio code for their new release! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

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