Today I am so pleased to welcome Jeremiah Cain to Joyfully Jay. Jeremiah has come to talk to us about his latest release, Thorns of Chaos. He has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving him a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Finn reformed in what appeared to be a wooded area, but the winter bare trees were not wooden. Instead, they were sheets of heavily rusted tin with parts broken away, showing them to be thin-skinned and hollow. The sky above them showed the same swirls of crimson in blackness as those Finn had witnessed above Morgana’s throne.

With no idea where he was or where to go, Finn walked cautiously, his bare feet crunching on the smooth brown pebbles that covered the entire ground.

His trek was not long, however, until he came to a clearing. Centered there, some distance from Finn, was a large fire formed of glass in shades of red, orange, and yellow. While its individual flames were motionless, the fire, as a whole, rotated slowly and glowed.

Around it, cavorting in the reverse direction, ten bestial men danced wildly. Each stood seven feet tall and appeared, above his waist, very much like a powerfully built, hairy Human, but with ears stretching to points and head crowned with horns. Their erections were humanoid in form but not in dimensions; instead, they ranged about two feet in length and bobbed rigidly as they frolicked. A long horse-like tail marked the tops of their butts. Below, fur covered them and grew denser down their legs, which grew more bestial until they ended at hooves.

Finn knew satyrs from old Faery stories but had never seen one before. Now he watched, fear pounding behind his ribs.

“They excite you, yes?” a voice said behind Finn.

Finn turned to see a young man leaning his back against a metal tree.


He too appeared Human, or at least a wingless Terovae. He was like Finn in height and build, but younger, about twenty. His pointed ears peeked slightly from his long black hair, which faded to crimson tips and brushed his bare shoulders. His face was more beautiful than any Finn had seen—his skin, like porcelain. Beneath perfect brows, his eyes were dark and mesmerizing, with irises flecked with glowing crimson. His lips curled upward in a mischievous grin.

The stranger stepped forward and approached Finn with slow, evenly spaced steps, and Finn was certain the man wished him to better view his gorgeous body. The man was shirtless and his skin glistened even in the dim light. His chest was small but muscular, as was his slim, smooth stomach.

Finn’s eyes trailed down him, past the tiny navel to where his black leather pants hung low on his hips.

“I know what you are,” Finn said breathlessly. He looked into those mesmerizing eyes, now but a foot from his own. “I’m in the Otherworld.” Finn couldn’t take his eyes off him. “The place of wicked Faeries.”

The stranger’s perfect lips curled upward. “Do you think me wicked, mortal?”


thorns of chaos cover“Cain crafts a vivid world … rich with detail and myth-lore that traipses brightly through the darker themes of oppression and suffering.” –BookLife Reviews

Queer Grimdark Fantasy: Finn is no hero, chosen born, or noble. Despite escalating tensions from the Dayigan soldier’s occupation of Feah lands, the happy-go-lucky twenty-five-year-old is content to spend his days fishing and flirting with the other men in his Celtic-like village. But everything changes at their midyear’s eve festival when an angry Dayigan commander catches Finn in the arms of another man. Suddenly framed for murder, he must flee his village or face death.

However, Finn isn’t the Dayigans’ only target. They believe all Feahs are wicked and intend to destroy them by any means necessary. The Feahs’ one hope of stopping the reign of terror is to find a relic forged by dark faeries and able to control chaos magic-and claim it to protect themselves. With the fate of the Feah lands resting on his shoulders, Finn seeks out sorcerers who practice ancient, forbidden magic.

Instead, he finds love with the handsome but fierce head of the sorcerers–and a power he never knew he could possess.

But when the Dayigans strike, can Finn harness the perilous magic to save his people without losing himself in the process?

Warnings: violence, sexual content, harsh language, homophobia, major character death

Note: Release date of hardcover and paperback is Mar 13, 2023. Release of Kindle (only on Amazon for now) is Apr 11, 2023


jeremiah cain bio photoJeremiah Cain is a dark epic fantasy writer of a vivid world that BookLife Reviews called, “rich with detail and myth-lore that traipses brightly through the darker themes.” He served as an army medic and has a BA in Communication with a minor in English. In addition to reading and writing, he loves video games, particularly RPGs.




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