Today I am so pleased to welcome Sara Dobie Bauer to Joyfully Jay. Sara has come to talk to us about her latest release, Fate of the Moon. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Alfie’s bedroom door opened, and warmth flowed into the hallway, along with a woodsy, cedar-like scent. Alfie, wearing nothing but a towel, looked down at Shay. Glittering droplets of water still clung to his chest hair. “What are you doing outside my bedroom?”

“You’re—” The sight of Alfie’s bare, tanned skin had flat lined his brain.

He was far too good looking for Shay not to notice, but it still felt strange to tell him so, even if they were both highly aware of their connection.

“You’re, um, you’re dripping on me.”

“And you’re gawking.” There was an immediate flick of amusement to the corner of Alfie’s mouth.

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are.”

Shay covered his eyes and waved his other hand in the air. “I’ve just never seen an alpha in a towel. Doesn’t mean you’re special.”

Alfie chuckled, but rather than continue to tease, he seemed to decide Shay was due a reprieve. “Anyway, what are you doing?”

“Reading.” Shay started collecting the newspapers.

“In the hallway?”

“You don’t own the hallway.”

Alfie laughed. “Oh my God, you’re turning red as a rose!”

All right, so maybe not a reprieve after all.

Shay stood, with all the newspapers clutched to his chest. He tried walking away, but Alfie’s voice stopped him.

“Shay, it’s all right. I was relieved when I felt you out here. Come in.” Alfie disappeared back into his room, leaving the door open.

Shay looked up and down the hall as though about to cross a traffic-heavy street. He was flirting with danger going into Alfie’s bedroom, especially with him looking like that. Oscar wouldn’t like it, but Alfie didn’t seem to care, so Shay stepped inside. Alfie’s room was smaller than Shay’s and decorated with dark wood furniture and fabrics of yellow and gold. Burning logs popped and snapped in the fireplace. The only other light was a lamp at Alfie’s bedside.

Shay admired Alfie’s retreating back before it disappeared behind a simple black and white dressing screen. The room smelled like him already—that confusing mix of safety and unfamiliarity. He glanced at the still made bed and decided the floor was preferred. As in the hallway, Shay plopped down on the ground, folded his legs, and paid attention to the newspapers.

“Why are you reading those?” Alfie stepped out from behind the dressing screen still towel-drying his now messy blond hair. He wore a t-shirt and thin light blue pajama pants.

“To learn about you,” Shay replied.

“I’m right here. You’re welcome to ask me questions.”

Refusing to look up, Shay spoke down at the headlines. “I didn’t want to talk to you.”

Alfie threw his towel on the back of the chair in front of a fancy antique desk. “I just found you reading on the floor outside my room.”

Shay squeezed his eyes shut in both irritation and embarrassment. “It feels good to be in your vicinity, okay?”

“I feel the same way.” He sat down across from Shay, cross-legged with the newspapers between them.


fate of the moon coverYou’re a beautiful monster, and fate has bound us together for life.

After the murder of his parents, the rules of high society dictate that omega werewolf Shay find an alpha mate—and fast. While struggling with overwhelming grief, swirling rumors of his guilt, and the prospect of a forced marriage he’s never wanted, his courting celebration yields yet another nightmare.

Alfie is a gossip reporter and alpha werewolf who latches onto the same theory as everyone else: that Shay is responsible for the deaths of his parents. When Alfie sneaks into a courting party to get a look at the guilty young man for his column, he expects to see a murderer, but finds his fated mate instead.

Despite their mutual disdain, Shay and Alfie are now inescapably entangled—all while a double homicide remains unsolved.

As their affections grow, so does the danger to their lives. Shay and Alfie might be fated, but can love conquer suspicion, grief, and the threat of death?


sara dobie bauer avatarBestselling romance author.

Bisexual witch.

Feminist. Pro-choice. Anti-censorship.

Timothee Chalamet freak.

Horror movie aficionado.

Vampire mermaid in a past life.

Sara Dobie Bauer somehow survived her party-hard college years at Ohio University to earn a creative writing degree. She lives with her precious Pit Bull in Northeast Ohio, although she’d really like to live in a Tim Burton film.

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