Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella


Griffin is a researcher watching the skies for a dragon, which is absolutely nuts, right? Especially since he’s the only person on the research team who actually sees the dragon flying high in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Fearing that he’s doing the wrong thing, Griffin abandons his project to go warn the dragon that he’s under surveillance.

Aiden is usually more careful about flying in the daytime, but he’s fostering his sweet and imperious niece, a dragonling called Lila, who loves flying. Lila has the Sight, so she isn’t too surprised when Griff shows up. Aiden has to bring him home after Griff falls and injures himself when Aiden discovers him intruding on his land. Their connection is immediate and incendiary, especially once Aiden sees the latent dragon lurking within Griff. It’s mates at first sight, and it isn’t long before Lila is telling her dear uncle that his daughter is growing inside Griff.

This is a sweet and tender, mpreg, dragon-shifter romance with little angst and lots of family. Lila is cute, and her trauma really bonds both Griff and Aiden to her. She’s a supreme voice of reason, which was a fun juxtaposition. There is a call back from the previous book in the Solitary Dragons series, in the form of a single common character. This story has less “developing parenthood” than “instant family” vibe. Expect a touch of steam and a lot of family. It’s a really quick read.

If you like mpreg or dragon shifter stories, this book is as quick and easy as Griff getting pregnant.