Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella


Archer is a solitary dragon, living in his homestead hidden from the human world in the mountains near Flagstaff. He keeps to himself for the most part, but he has a man who really turned his crank the last time he came down the mountain for sex. Holt was everything Archer had needed in the moment, and he’s itching to see him again–only he can’t seem to get Holt to respond to his texts.

Holt is hopping mad at Archer. They had an incendiary weekend a month ago, but now Holt is sick all the time, puking and itchy, and bloated! What sort of crazy STI is this, anyway! He’s going to drive up that mountain and give his burly, sexy, former partner what for…until Archer’s astounded by the miracle growing inside Holt: his baby.

This is a cute, fated mates, dragon shifter novella featuring two clueless dragons who randomly connect in the most unexpected way. There’s only a brief time of shock for Holt, who adapts quickly to his latent dragon presentation, and grows into his scales and impending fatherhood by the day. There’s another scare when a rogue dragon turns up, but there’s only a brief period of angst before the joy takes over.

Archer is fun and breezy and I could have enjoyed a bit more steam, but it’s a cool read for a lazy afternoon. This one is recommend for people who love lighthearted shifter stories without too much drama.