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Hendrix can hardly contain his excitement about filming a scene with Lyric Steele, a famous porn star. Hendrix supports himself as a camboy, but it is solo work, and he is eager to not only work with the sexy Lyric, but also have a partner for the scene. Hendrix is bringing along his best friend, Rubin, for moral support and to help keep an eye on things. Hendrix and Rubin have recently moved their relationship into the “best friends who kiss” arena, but as both men are submissives, they are wary of making a move to more for fear it won’t work out for them. When Rubin and Hendrix arrive, they meet both Lyric and his roommate (and occasional best friend with benefits), Toby. It is clear that there is a spark among all four men, which only makes the filming hotter. In fact, there is enough of a connection that the guys spend some heated time together even when filming is over.

Like Hendrix and Rubin, Lyric and Toby have developed feelings for one another that go past just friendship, but as a pair of Doms, they don’t think it will work. Toby is also wary of falling for anyone, after his marriage ended so poorly. So Toby isn’t interested in anything serious, but the heat among the four of them is enough that they want to continue seeing each other. The guys are a perfect fit for one another, as their kinks all align and their interests make them work as a foursome so well. Things start out as just a lot of fun and steamy sex, but it soon becomes clear that feelings are developing among them. But taking a chance on a relationship is hard, and taking a chance on a four-way partnership that involves your best friend is even harder. However, there is a chance that there can be something really amazing in store for Toby, Lyric, Hendrix, and Rubin, if they are willing to take a chance on love.

Camboy is the six and final book in Colette Davison’s My Kinky Housemate series and I think it is a great ending for this fun series. The books focus on a shared house full of kinky men and Hendrix has been a prominent side character throughout the series. We have also met Rubin in past books, though he doesn’t live in the house, as he is Hendrix’s friend and the brother of one of the housemates. This is a found family style series and the roommates play a role in one another’s books. So while you don’t necessarily need to read them all, I think the stories are richer if you are familiar with at least some of the men. Parts of Hendrix’s story has been teased a bit throughout some of the other books, so I think it is particularly nice here to have read some of the others. That said, these are all new MCs, so if you are here for this story only, you could probably make it work.

Camboy is a four-way romance, so there is a lot happening here among the men, but I think Davison really makes it work well. We start with two pairs of men who already have an emotional, and occasionally physical, connection between them. Hendrix and Lyric then connect for their scene, and Toby and Rubin end up with their own sexual encounter, so we see these guys coming together in various combinations from the start. The heat level is super high here and the story is nicely kinky. Davison does a great job giving each of these guys distinct personalities and sexual interests, which helps to round them out nicely as characters. I never felt like the men were interchangeable and they each had interesting personalities. We also explore some of their individual conflicts as they deal with moving their sexual connection into something more serious. For Rubin, he is hesitant at first about a poly relationship, given his father was a serial cheater. It takes a bit for him to come to terms with the fact that being poly is not the same as cheating. Lyric is a famous porn star and he films with other men. Past partners have not accepted the fact that he has sex with others for work, and so he is a little wary about how the other three will handle that. Toby is perhaps the most anxious about a relationship, as he was hurt badly by his failed marriage and his awful ex and isn’t sure he has the confidence to try again. And Hendrix’s confident exterior is hiding a man who is lonely and unsure about his own self worth. I loved getting to know all these men, but Hendrix most of all, as we have followed his journey since the first book. So I really enjoyed each of these characters, as well as seeing them come together as a foursome.

One of the hallmarks of this series is the found family element and I have liked following along as we get to know each of the housemates. Here we can see how much that connection means to Hendrix, in particular, and this story really highlights how close they have all grown. We also meet Arthur, Hendrix’s sugar daddy, a man we have heard about throughout the series, but never seen on page. We get the backstory on Arthur here, so I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’ll say I just loved the almost grandfatherly relationship he has with Hendrix and the way he gives Hendrix the unconditional support he isn’t getting from his own parents. There is a scene between the two men in one of the epilogues that made me tear up, it was just so sweet, and I am glad we got to see more of their relationship here.

As this series comes to a close, I will say I have definitely enjoyed. Some of the books appealed to me more than others, but overall, I found this a solid series. My only general observation is that these are long stories (Camboy clocks in at over 400 pages), and at times some felt a little too long. But this book didn’t drag for me in any way and I think it nicely explores the individual men, as well as their sexual and romantic relationship nicely. If you are looking for a fun series featuring found family and a variety of kinks, definitely check this one out. And if you enjoy some high heat and poly dynamics, Camboy is definitely worth the read.

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