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Length: Novel


Even though Elias is nineteen years old, his parents still rule his life. He is allowed to live in the dorms at college, but his parents track his movements, show up unannounced, and if they don’t like what they see, Eli is forced back home until his parents are satisfied he has repented for whatever sins they feel he has committed. Eli has been dating Angel, but he doesn’t feel like they are the best fit and then Angel goes and proves it to him. Angel’s father, Noah, isn’t at all pleased with his daughter and lends Noah a compassionate ear.

Noah had his daughter when he was a teenager. His relationship with Angel is tumultuous and Noah is constantly trying to keep the peace. He’s not pleased with a lot of her choices and when Eli gets caught up in the worst of them, Noah feels compassionate, if not a little responsible. He also has his own feelings about Eli that he’s trying to figure out.

Noah has never been attracted to a man before and Eli is afraid to admit that he is. Yet, the men want to find time to spend together. But their relationship seems doomed from the start as Eli can’t tell his family and Noah has no idea how to tell his daughter he’s dating her ex.

Have Me Forever is a debut book from this author and the short review is that it didn’t work for me at all. I didn’t like any of the characters, I didn’t care for their lives, and I didn’t care for the writing that got them through to the end.

Eli is a college student and he’s dating Angel. Eli has met Angel’s father, Noah, a few times, but hasn’t spent much time with him and Angel is incredibly rude to Noah. Angel is nineteen and acts out all of the time, mouthing off to Noah who accepts it all, as he wants to be a friend to Angel, and their dynamics were awful. Angel was yelling at Noah all of the time and she really didn’t do anything besides that. It’s mentioned she works one day a week and she’s always off partying or taking trips with friends and Noah pays for it all and her actions are destructive to both Noah and Eli.

I never felt that spark between Eli and Noah. We didn’t see them interact much when Eli was with Angel and then we are told about the attraction between the men, but the chemistry was never there for me. There is also a lot of drama going on. There is drama with Angel and her group of friends, there is drama with Eli’s family, and there is uncertainty surrounding Noah being a professor at the school that Eli attends and the two of them getting involved. Eli’s family drama wasn’t written well for me. I think I get what the author was trying to do with his restrictive parents, but they came across as caricatures and there are too many things to call out about all of their interactions. It really all came down to the overall writing here for me, which was less than I needed to make this an enjoyable or cohesive read.