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It’s been three years since Perry’s life changed forever. Three years since he ran into a dark alley trying to save someone’s life and what he got out of it was a bullet to the knee and intense head trauma. After six months in a coma and many health issues, Perry couldn’t continue with his studies to be an astrophysicist. Perry cannot remember what happened that night and his only friend that stuck around is his BFF, Gayle. The inheritance his parents left him all went to medical bills and his job prospects were bleak until he secured a janitorial position at Maverick Insurance.

While Perry can’t remember, Detective Nate can’t forget him. Nate was first on the scene after Perry’s attack and he has been unable to forget Perry. Nate spent so much time sitting in Perry’s hospital room that he was ordered by the Chief to back off.

But Perry and Nate are destined to meet again when Perry finds a note in the office confessing to murder. He doesn’t want to get involved, because he knows how that plays out, but his conscience won’t let him rest. Nate never thought he would see Perry again. The man still calls to him, and Nate won’t let anyone keep him away this time. But there is something sinister going on at Maverick Insurance and Perry is caught right in the middle of it all.

The saying “No good deed goes unpunished…” rings true here as we meet Perry and learn his story. His life was good and his studies complemented his highly mathematical brain, but that was the old Perry and nothing is easy for Perry any longer. We see Perry’s struggles from the start—he has debilitating migraines, a permanent limp, and holes in his memory. His brain doesn’t work like it used to, but he is grateful for his job, his understanding boss, and the great health insurance. His boss, Malcolm, takes a personal interest in Perry, but there are red flags all over Maverick Insurance from the start.

Nate was an officer when Perry was attacked and he’s now a detective. Perry got way under his skin and even though he doesn’t know Perry and he hasn’t has contact with him, Nate cannot forget Perry. The story follows along the progression of Perry and Nate’s relationship, as well as what exactly is going on at Maverick Insurance. The book is a bit slow on both storylines. The personal relationship makes sense, as Perry has a lot to work through. The mystery was a little too slow for me, circling back on a lot of details over and over. Nate mentions he doesn’t like coincidences, but then the wrap up to the finale of this book read as a little too convenient. The story is not over, there are plenty of clues to keep you reeled in, and the book ends on a “to be continued” note with another book, Goes Unpunished, due out this summer. I am fully invested in Perry at this point, and I will be looking out for the continuation of his story, as well as his continued relationship with Nate.

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